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thursday 23/06/2016


Yes, after Junkz now come publish the Low Budget of Sentinel. Here we have a great deck that costs between 12-13K , not to mention that now is a good Clan for DT , only Martha has malus but only -1 , the cards have good damage and little power some cards is offset by bonus. Enjoy it.

I believe I used this deck against the bangers.
Z3r0 D34d
Bonnie Ld

I prefer to spin 100 once. Because I am just bad luck in this game most of the time. smiley

Thanks for your input! . I will probably try using a GHEIST Deck. Although I would try first a Huracan Deck minus Zapatino.

wednesday 22/06/2016

Anyone notice the background change on the (new) website yesterday? There were 5 Junkz and Dj Korps

TWA_Pkmn Cr had told me

tuesday 21/06/2016

better to give a link with the cards...
idk what half of those cards aresmiley

Hi, Im sorry but your not allowed to buy and sell avatars on the public forums.

"Any thread created to buy or sell customized avatars and banners is forbidden and will be refused.
This doesn't mean that it is not allowed to be done in guilds or as prize in events."

monday 20/06/2016

Clintz value is irrelevant. Clintz might be inflatory but its irrelevant, since the real valueholders are the cards. The relative price of cards between each other is RELATIVE; thus any "state" of clintz can represent that relative price.

Aka: Clintz lose their value, cards do not.

If the "numbers" on clintz get too big, just move the delimiter on prices and account clintz values.

Only thing that gets devalued during the clintzflation is the money gained from game; aka "value of player's work".

Morals of the story: Don't sit on pile of clintz. Sit on pile of cards.

That's unfortunate that it fell through and I get what you mean mr puma it just sucks that this game does not really grow

sunday 19/06/2016

Don't buy armadeggon pack.
Buy mega new bloods and hope for ymirah (frozncancer) or impera Sloane ^-^

Ok that may help but this new collection pro is realy hard to use an maneuver through

thursday 16/06/2016

I had another account years go and I got lvl 50 and then quitted that since there wasn't any point to continue...great move!

Just do it in your guild...they're the ones who should be helping you, not the community at large...

Deathmatch rewards seem a bit high. After all, that's only for 20 minutes of playing.

wednesday 15/06/2016

Nice right time

tuesday 14/06/2016


So cool right?

One day I'mma spread this!

sunday 12/06/2016

In any case,the wheel will soon be gone,unless staff changed their plans.

thursday 09/06/2016

Stream Tonight - want to know what time?

Head over to the Instagram and find out, it's going to be fun!


wednesday 08/06/2016


Sorry for that, I havent read the news thays why. Thanks for the info, though.

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