wednesday 02/12/2009

Yikes. Major bumping.

And to clear you up. You do get more EXP for winning the match. Not much, but it doesn't hurt trying to win.

friday 20/11/2009

sentinel just got tobbie

saturday 07/11/2009

Adding on to the parody the sand guy is from spider man 3

wednesday 04/11/2009

Fanfics are a good way to get started at writing, since you don't need to work as much on character/setting development. Personally, I prefer working on my own stories instead (and just had my first publication, recently, winning a Halloween flash fiction contest whose subject was "werewolves"smiley. smiley
....also for those writers on here, whether of fanfic or of their own creations: Check out November is National Novel Writing Month, an annual challenge to write a 50,000+ word novella during the month of November. No prize for completing the challenge other than bragging rights, but it's a good exercise in creativity. smiley (@mods/admins: Hopefully you don't mind me posting that link here, the organization's non-profit and I'm not affiliated with it other than as a participant in the annual event. If this violates any posting rules though, please edit out this second paragraph.)

We will not accept:

- No excessive spamming
- No deck show offs because this may lead to arguments between players
- No presets should be created to insult other players or the game in
- No presets should be used for recruitments
- No presets should be use for auctions
- No CR prediction presets

Moderators will assess certain presets and will decide if the preset will be deleted or not based on the above specified information. Though, this doesn't mean that we are going to hunt every preset in the game. We will handle them as we see them.

For any comments, suggestions or violent reactions, please PM me, or any moderators for that matter.


sunday 01/11/2009

Dear goodness.... I come back to see a debate about religion in a thread about the latest comic issued. *sighs*

Look, I'm a christian and I try not to take God's name in vain, aka as a swaer word or to curse or whatever. It's not as if I think that everyone else should to, I just do it but I'm not expecting that everyone should as well. I'm not going to get offended by the lovely Enzo (smiley) saying "Goddamm it" or something along those lines, because when you think about it, firstly he is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Secondly, he wasn't actually talking, in a way. It was only letters on a page. smiley And then I'm kinda biased. I'd let Enzo away with anything. smiley But seriously, I think that if you try to please everyone you'll end up pleasing no one, and then that would suck.

About the cards that Babs made - well, personally I wouldn't find them funny, but I can see why everyone else could but having said that I wouldn't attack you for it, Babs. smiley If you wanted to mkae cards like that then you had every right to, and so long as you accpeted the fact that some may not like then while others do I think that's fine. Perhaps the moderator in question was worried about how some may react and had decided to take the "better safe than sorry" route. It's their job to ensure everyone's happy in UR, after all.

And that is my piece. smiley

And to get back to the topic in question, as I have said before, I think the Enzo/Jessie pairing is cute. Hell, I'm jealous of her. :L

friday 16/10/2009

The admin is quite busy.... i perfer u send them a private msg......

Whats wrong with the server i was leading by 30 points then it keeps saying retry cant find opponent? total time wasted 6minutes and someone overtook me smileysmileysmiley

friday 09/10/2009

5 and a half hours (US eastern standarn time), until the new cards come in. hope and pray that the Pussycats get a new card.

wednesday 07/10/2009

@Rift120: That's probably it smiley

monday 05/10/2009

The banned characters have now appeared..smiley

thursday 01/10/2009

I want another good banger card 2 in a row like fang pi

wednesday 30/09/2009

Thanks for adding those options, another good change

sunday 20/09/2009

Anibal looks like the thing with eyes in his hands of pans labyrinth. good addition to gheist though and badly needed.

wednesday 09/09/2009

Mmmmm chocolate cookies dools like homer

sunday 06/09/2009

WOOO i fall into that category smiley

tuesday 01/09/2009

B00mshot@ No she's a rare.

friday 28/08/2009

1 more hour smiley
i hope they release useful ones

sunday 23/08/2009

monday 17/08/2009

Everyone thought the new rescue would suck and hes amazing.

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