wednesday 16/05/2012

If you read it I said "if you're finding you don't need the power" try Lin xia. And since I run Montana half decks when I don't play sentinel yes i have tried it. And also when I first played UR I played gheist religiously in elo ( and I played the best of the 5 stars, Miss T ).

So yes I've played elo...
I've played Gheist...
I've played Montana half decks in all formats ( DM/DT/Elo Sur/Sur... Hell even 12 life Elo )

So 2 points I will make here Wats

1) its an opinion, everyone is allowed there own one... We don't have to agree and it doesn't make anyone wrong. Even though how you can consider a 6/4 with -2 power/min 4 weak ( yes bonus helps but who's stealing it? Pirannas who'll generally be weaker power wise, nightmare same, sob cards ... Well either I'll dodge them or they draw one out)

2) you are not the god of UR. If we want to do something we will, if we want to say something we will, if we want to offer advice we will... And we will not care if you disagree no matter how erudite and grand you try to come across...

And BH... Feel free to try the suggestions, and if you don't like them feel free to disregard them; cause in the end it's your deck and your game... It's up to you to decide what's working for you

tuesday 15/05/2012

Click the game button. Scroll to ELO and click on it.

p.s you deck has to be 25*s or less and contain no doubles or ELO banned characters.

monday 14/05/2012

sunday 13/05/2012

Interesting deck. smiley

saturday 12/05/2012

Here it is, sorry for not noticing that i did not get my deck uploaded...

Elvis and Lola are pains by themselves...coupled with melanie and a solid 3* or even Cortez still makes a killer half deck
Sure they aren't as strong without spyke, but they still put up a fight!!

I got some very decent Montana cards when I bought a 30 card pack should I use them in Elo?
What Can I pair up with Montana? Junkz, Pussycat, or Ulu Watu?
Thank you again for answering my questions smiley

friday 11/05/2012

Im getting stuck around 1330, there was a strange wave of Bangers and Ulu Watu combined withh attack manip, and I was like sigh*ALso a huge influx in Rescue players....curse that stupid clan!!!

I don't play Zerk in weeks Spyke is banned. If you must, I like Taylor - Revok, Niva - Askai. There is a LOT of Freaks this week, if you do swap them, you might want to include a lower SoB to throw away early.

Revok is very flexible, you can pill him hard, you can pill him lightly for a refund, or you can pill him for a kill, and get a second chance if you're blocked.

thursday 10/05/2012

Gatline to Isatis
Lauro to Trish


Winston to Victoria

Ok deck. GHEISTS 2*s are not very good so 2 5*s is a bit too much. I would change Gork to Klawz, Pegh to Bristone and Wurmhol to Dolly. You could also try Platinum instead of Elke.

wednesday 09/05/2012

Okay thanks guys for the comments cause ive only just started elo smiley

tuesday 08/05/2012

@Elim...I bluff...alot!

I usually play defensive clans like Junkz and Skeelz and am used to 2-3 pilling every single card to ensure I don't let a 'wasted win' in so to speak

But with la Junta there high damage means it doesn't really matter if you lose 2/4 rounds...there are many games where I have simply lost the first 2 rounds purposefully to create a large pill gap so i can fury win the last like Bryan and Gatline are the best bluffs since people expect at least 4-5 pillz and more!

Some people like the 5* La Junta, but it isn't worth having the burden of their lower starred cards, whose damage is too low to do my afore mentioned strategy!!

Not the biggest fan of this mix due to junkz often used to bring sob to the team as well but junkz actually have enough cards in this case beside sobs to make a great deck.

Short version

Artus Pan Azel Edwin

Veenyle cr , Quibik , Eebiza , Tremorh

Ok deck. When possible I would change Ernst to Leviatonn (Klawz when Leviatonn is banned), XU52 to Wardom (I find wardom's high power is better then XU52's base damage of 8 ), Cutey to Pan (Hes less dpendarnt on his damage and has a higher power), Hel to Artus, Kenny to Azgroth and Nerfeniti to Sargh.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Jay to Belgosi because most of the cards in the deck don't want to lose so 2 revenge cards might be too much.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Nobrodroid to Qubik because the Stop: opp ability and the extra power can be a big help.

monday 07/05/2012

I was also thinking of a half Fang Pi with another clan? What do you suggest? I have Kusuri, Chan, Yoshida, and Zhu Tang in my collection.

sunday 06/05/2012

Rescue does not mix, i assume that you are new and you don't have a big budget not like you need to, but every clan can receive bans some more than others but why not just replace the often banned cards with something else ? Might be not worthy for top 1 spot but your aim should be 1200/1300 and learning how elo works smiley

Truth be told, I haven't actually lost to them either since they came out (even while I was doing the tiwi missions, where people spammed them and vortex). Vs sob, soa, and attack manip, they're pretty horrible and predictable (especially if you can deal heavy damage in the first round).

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