saturday 26/05/2012

Opinions please

I understand soa is indeed scarce this week, even more reason to pack a little soa yourself to surprise them smiley

Junkz counterpart Sentinel have a stronger option imo


friday 25/05/2012

Bread and butter:
Rescue, Sentinels, Gheist, Piranas, Jungo, Montana, Nightmare
(the clans people use most in elo. Doesn't mean they're the best, just most used. If you play elo, you will encounter them.)

Flash mobs:
Berzerk, Uppers, Sakrohm, Freaks
(they only come out when one of their cards is unbanned. But when they do, they come out in droves.)

Wall paper:
Junkz, Skeelz, Roots, All stars, La Junta, Vortex
(no one trys to counter them, they hardly get onto the banlist. They hang around, ignored and forgotten.)

Pink elephants:
Bangers, Ulu watu, Pcats, FPC
(very rare in elo. Doesn't mean they suck, just rarely seen.)

Interesting deck. I would personally change Tino to Edd Cr (Desmond if you can't) and Ivy to Sharon.

Interesting deck. It might do well.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Cley to Praxie and Deebler to Lorna.

Nice deck. I would personally change Gatline to Arnie and Isatis to Bryan (I find Isatis a bit too weak to Stop Opp: Ability).


Gretchen is not op she worth as much as methane.
Hint: min 10 , most cards do 4 damage , sometimes 4 heal offset by methane ko threat possibilities

wednesday 23/05/2012

Good decks. The first one looks amazingly stable and flexible. A good example of why, with the right build, Roots are still a little OP.

@URHunter: Puff is a defensive card, fine wall to make sure that ur opponent does not win a round with a few pills. It still delivers SOB as the rest of the clan.

Vortex is a good clan to run with La Junta. Dagg, Deea, C Wing and Cyb Lhia are a good 11-star half-deck to use. If you want a bit more SoA to threaten endgame fury counters through DR, use X-0DUS instead of Deea and work Wyre into your La Junta half.

tuesday 22/05/2012

Deck seems okay, but I think Frozn will always be better in half decks.

monday 21/05/2012

The best way to beat it is to just inflic enuth damage on your opponent so there life points are below yours.

Nice deck. I would personally change Dalhia to Selma.

Trippie is right, I think the idea of versing Frozn is to out damage them in a split 2/2 (2 rounds each) match, having DR to nullify their big round on command (or force their hand by threatening a block round 3/fury round 4) is the key. Clans like Uppers or Sakrohm would suffer because Frozn have the ability to throw a round to set up a big round 4.

And ofc always make sure that c wing is never pilled unless you're ko'ing with him

sunday 20/05/2012

Good luck then smiley

The first thing to point out is that Hugo can't be used in ELO because hes ELO banned (Which is why he has the symbol on his artwork) So i would change him to Pan (this also cuts the * count down). I would then change Aleister to Mawpin, Corrina to Anakrohm and Miss Stella to Stella.

To stop the loss you don't allow the opponent to get enuth damage by beating there cards and koing. Lola and Uma also work well together.

But its mainly a personal choice due to myself not likeing splashes.

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