tuesday 15/09/2015

Lol that us Americans we wont something for doing something no matter what we do.
I mena may be after lvl 50 ever time you lvl up you get a bronze token would be good an when you hit lvl 60 1 silver token
then back to 1 bronze

1 bronze token
1 silver token
1 gold token

I think you get the idea

Lemme tell them smiley

monday 14/09/2015

In order to sell packs the NB have to be worthwhile. hence why gradually over time the power creep happened.

as the game matures further it will eventually need to revisit the old idea of Standard -- which if done well is the long term future of a game like UR

I didn't get a MacDonald's today so I'm unhappy.

But, I think those who do play a-lot, I think it only seems fair they get a bit more if that makes sense...

sunday 13/09/2015

friday 11/09/2015

True story, they sometimes get too predictive.

I got from gold tokenz - Ahkab, Noctuzema, Boby Joe Rb, 1k clintz a before just experience

thursday 10/09/2015

Nice try on hiding yourself Darkblood

Nice dude,i meant the idea also smiley

tuesday 08/09/2015

I get what you're saying, just don't know how I feel about it xD

sunday 06/09/2015

I'd say it depends on what you like and why you keep playing.

- Are you playing to collect cards? (Is collecting from your favorite clan a priority?)
- Do you like doing missions?
- Are you looking to get into competitive play?
- Do you like playing the market?

What do you want to accomplish? If you want to collect, I'd say to slowly build up cards. For that, you need money. Make yourself a good deck you're happy with (and does well), and then use the money you make to buy cards you really like.

If you're a collector, then collect. If you're an investor, invest. If you wanna become a high-level player, invest in cards that will help you get there faster.

It doesn't matter what any of us say -- play the game the way that will make you enjoy it the most. smiley

saturday 05/09/2015

friday 04/09/2015

Of course Xonia. Just keep working hard! smiley

thursday 03/09/2015

If it makes you feel any better, I only disagreed because you begged for agreement. And in hopes that there was a secret thumbsdown emote. Considering we have six varying degrees of happy, two separate sleepers and a dead guy, a thumbsdown would make at least as much sense as any of those.

Hello jerromy,

You have opened a Mystery Box!

You have obtained:
1003 XP


she really hates me smiley

My current deck-building strategy is pretty bad:

1. Find 8 cards that can help me accomplish Missions I haven't finished, preferably a Mono deck.
2. Pray I win 1 round, or a guaranteed 2-3 against Kate.
3. Cry while grinding missions outside of Duel mode.
4. Spend rewards on buying back missions that I didn't unlock in time. ;_;

monday 31/08/2015

@ wantedyoshi
how would it be strenuous? it send a message one time a year to a player/player's on there birthday. with a gift that ever one would get the same gift if they wonted to do it easy.

heck it could be like a auto message that says


happy birthday
don't spend it all in one place 3,000 clintz
from kate

it would be that easy smiley

sunday 30/08/2015

Thank you sir

saturday 29/08/2015

Hi, I blacklisted you (to prevent the hacker from changing any account details), you need to contact support and they will be able to help you.

friday 28/08/2015

First come ambre and then the ability/bonus

But in that case, you get first Ambre till max 10 -1 from erik and you get 9

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