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tuesday 03/04/2012

Wow smiley i love this smiley madeup:

monday 02/04/2012

I went on to the list of message boards and i saw that a thread called ELO changes was the newest news post. Sdly it was a necro noob. smiley

friday 30/03/2012

@tititoro: Sometime after a new clan release means any ammount of time after a new clan, not counting solo missions, its been missions - vortex - new missions - berzerk - new missions - ????? - new missions.

tuesday 27/03/2012

Kinda rare to see 2 "x=x opp." cards out in the same month, let alone 2 3-star legendaries. Kinda sad that one of them had to be the best and the other had to be outclassed heavily by arguably every other 3-star in their clan.

monday 26/03/2012

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Maybe Ctrl + F5 or clear your cookies.

saturday 24/03/2012

tuesday 06/03/2012

Lol Thanks HonorGuard smiley

I suppose we can close this now?

wednesday 29/02/2012

Low power;(

monday 27/02/2012

Yeh the scetches are usally a first draft that still needs to be checked by Urban Rivals.

sunday 26/02/2012

PLEASE Attempt to rectify the connection problems with the chat room! It's the only reason I log on on Sundays! It's very frustrating and simply refreshing the page does NOT work!

friday 24/02/2012

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Maybe they're going to add win 5000 fights?
or even 10000 fights smiley

saturday 18/02/2012

That's why I like standard with the provision that the rotation be three years. At the three year mark there's a reasonable chance every standard room won't be swamped with Vortex and Berserk. At three years every clan has some really solid choices.

friday 10/02/2012

Personally, I think Anakrohm is very adorable (especially in level 2).

monday 06/02/2012

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Just spent like 5 hours on ELO like everyday 1 hour and you get like 15 credits for watching the comercials

thursday 26/01/2012

Ulu wata freaks sentinals bangers

friday 20/01/2012

It would just be effective against full stops
Nice necroing BTW

friday 13/01/2012

New cards come out tomorow if not mistaken. My prediction is uppers, piranas, jungo, and freaks

Where is the advent calender

monday 09/01/2012

Lol i fought they were releaseing new abilitys intill i saw that this is an old thread that has been reanimated (why do it).

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