tuesday 19/05/2015

Hi, Please can you post in English on the English forums.

tuesday 05/05/2015

After much market scouting I have seen many good cheap 2-3 stars but not many cheap higher stars. Anna seems decent and I might use her. I have so far: Ace,Paulo,Prince Jr., Waller, and Veccio. Suggestions needed! The max clintz I will spend a max is 2000. Is Pino good for T1?

saturday 02/05/2015

Needs more cowbells.

friday 01/05/2015

You can use whatever deck you desire
although i would be hard pressed to say that this deck is good in any format, situation. Like most decks, the best hand you draw would be devastating vs anyone. but you average hand or worse hand would not be that good

tuesday 28/04/2015

Riots cant be used perfect coz many powerfull ones are 4stars and 5stars
so its better to use Uppers smiley

sunday 26/04/2015

friday 24/04/2015

I am planning on using a deck based on this one in T2... I am going to use a 5 star instead of Gail (do not have her yet) and I want you guys to help me choose one.. Should I go for Magnar, Hefty or Dorian? And for McArthur, should I keep him or replace him with Jose Star? (Once I got Gail, I will replace with her...)

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2815169&list Thanks for help

thursday 23/04/2015


monday 13/04/2015

Its alot that and for me when I win 10 and lose 15 smiley

sunday 12/04/2015

This advice totally help me knock down that LD card mission quick. thanks.

@Arlo_TpU I'm not talking about penalty decks outscoring you, I'm talking about the DT's where you face 5 or 6 or more decks with penalty cards and them stopping you from scoring well. While it is less in T1, it is still often there. It's largely evident in T2, where you actually can score well with banned cards. I myself have scored in Top 20 with kolos, either 1HKOing or bluffing and finishing with other characters. As for everybody running into those players, the frequency is random, sometimes you face it a lot, sometimes not, making it more about luck than skill. Giving the opposing player points for Vsing these characters somewhat balances this making it much more skill based.

wednesday 08/04/2015

Brianna and Isatis are equally good imo. Pilzken is irreplaceable in Junta though. So most likely you will only use one of Isatis and Brianna. I won't use Isatis if I use Trish.

monday 06/04/2015

I was stuffing around with a classic Rescue deck yesterday in the danger zone and I came up against Shann a few times an it really got me wondering: why can she roam free while Marco Cr is banned? Each card has great synergy with it's clan but why are Bangerz players able to get away with using powerful support cards? I'd say Shann and Marco Cr are near on par.

saturday 04/04/2015

I forgot about Shayna smiley BYUN ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED smiley

Freaks imo are the funniest clan to play and have been my favourite since I joined. When I run Freaks, I tend to run low star halves like JO3SHMO said because all they're in my deck for is to get that poison in. I like going for either 4,3,2,2 or 5,3,2,2 as Hindela is a beast of a card and hard to look past imo. Shazam and Bertha are fairly staple for me whenever I make a half and for my 3* choice, it's either Quisachio or Akendram (still experimenting with Bikini Joe Ld). It's not worth using Liona over Akendram imo, save a star. It's only 4 attack manip and 1 damage.

As for which clan to play them with, go with PC or Sakrohm. PC have everything you need to compliment a Freaks half. Diana, Nabrissa, Mina, Lucy heck, even Leela wouldn't be bad. Sakrohm only have cards like Jautya and Aliester but it comes down to preference I guess. smiley

friday 03/04/2015

Post number 6 is the best tip anyone can give you for DT.

Also don't use penalised cards and use 26-29* in T2 DT

thursday 02/04/2015

It's gone they should bring that back tho

Tremorh shouldn't get a penalty. He isn't OP but is just overused because of the other cards

Gil and rowdy on the other are too good. If i didn't use junkz for dt i would say penalise them.

wednesday 01/04/2015

tuesday 31/03/2015

I see Robb Cr more often.

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