friday 27/10/2017

This might not be allowed but maybe you could just organise a game on Town of Salem? Though adding/inviting loads of people can get really frustrating on that game. smiley

Does double posting mean one after the other? Or one an done??

thursday 26/10/2017

wednesday 25/10/2017


Congrats on 20,000 Clintz!

Please tell me which card you will like? / Send a card for 20,000 Clintz.


sunday 22/10/2017


thursday 19/10/2017

You're lucky, you have an invitation to win a place in the CLUB CORAZON, you just need to show what you're worth eliminating the garbage that doesn't deserve a place for us, if you do we will be rewarded and you will be able to fight for us in EL GRAN ENFRENTAMIENTO, we hope to be the first to invite you to fight because they appear to have promising fighters among you and we would hate for our enemies to have them in their ranks.

The event start on october 28.

Serafina + 50% jackpot
Kinichaw Cr + 30% jackpot
Sakura Cr + 20% jackpot
4°-10° Clover
11°-16° Elly Mae

It´s the fisrt event of 5, and the last event will be realy fantastic (rewards: cards arraund 300k - +1m?) but you need to won an invitation firsth won another event.

Sorry for my english, but i'm not used to write in english

wednesday 18/10/2017

Prize number 3 claimed.

monday 16/10/2017

Prize Number 1 sent.
Giveaway now closed!

sunday 15/10/2017

The winner is Notmad , well played smiley
Check your private sells for the Ymirah Cr smiley
I'll send a card to a random player smiley
Thanks for coming everyone smiley

tuesday 10/10/2017

Sry guys my friends convinced me to stay smiley sry for cancelling the evnt

monday 09/10/2017

Get ready for October - Freaky Halloween Count-up, stay tuned to Instagram for the following prizes and more info!

sunday 08/10/2017

Congrats to all the winners. This giveaway is now closed

saturday 07/10/2017

wednesday 04/10/2017

I got in touch with 1 2 3 3 2 1 and awarded him a consolation prize, but since his post contained half a dozen other ideas as well, I did not consider it fair to others to choose him (but failed to specify it in the conditions, which is definitely my fault).

Anyway don't worry, more is to come (but it might be delated by two weeks, since I am leaving for vacation in a couple of days).

I will close this thread since the raffle is over, thanks everyone!

monday 02/10/2017

sunday 01/10/2017

Sigh.... FireHorse and Ramzyxuk this is your one warning. Play the game right or be banned from the giveaway. Which means that even if you post your post means nothing and we continue as usual.


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