sunday 30/09/2018

Jigi x Chasey. I like me some scissors smiley

saturday 29/09/2018

Yeah probably. Thanks a bunch!

friday 28/09/2018

Maybe he's pulling a Cannibal Jo Cr

wednesday 26/09/2018


I have two questions. The page seems to only work when you select 'by activity', the other buttons like 'by elo' do not seem it work. Also, I have the new Mt Grakblabla, however Sahkrom still shows 0/1 Mt (I know I am early haha).


Also exchange was an ability from fantasy rivals,it is a mix of two other abilities:
Copy and impose
Copy I think a lot of ur players know it,if a card have copy opp damage, it's damage would be equal to the oponent's
Impose it's the oposite:if a card have impose damage,the oponent would have the same damage as him,for instance: the best card of this kind was Patrician Suplicious,a 5* 6/4 impose power and damage/power and damage +3. He would force the oponent to have his base stats while rising his own, therefore the oponent would be an 6/4 while Suplicious a 9/7.
And there the exchange the fusion between the two,it would give the oponent a "copy" ability to mirror your stats,while copying theirs,like Valhalla,she has 2 and her power could be seen as copy opp damage+opp copy your damage

I'll bring this thread up for anyone who is still confused how exchange mechanics work in the game.

I voted for Blast , it was between him Death Adder and Lord Oon LD for me .

tuesday 25/09/2018

Not to mention the legendary Phalloide

monday 24/09/2018

Thank you so much Thoazol

saturday 22/09/2018

Youre too kind

But since Collection Pro is at work in progress, you have to use 'My Collection' and simply put cards in and out your deck using the green and red buttons under each card smiley

friday 21/09/2018

Ma fortune : 107 325 500 Clintz

thursday 20/09/2018

Lord Oon is now in the random pool, but the last Arcade season is not.
And even better, that means if you want to get Djanghost, you have to spend 180cr just to unlock his Arcade.

Thanks for the reply, but there aren't that many expensive rare cards, I feel like the reward isn't justified by the playing time. If I wanted a random rare card, I would have played 10 games EFC 2 days and prob. woulda gotten one by then....

wednesday 19/09/2018

Are you confusing rarity with low prices?
Like how near-unusable Rare cards (Deadeye) are now much more expensive than useable common ones (Coleridge, Puff).
This is because awhile ago (don't remember exactly how long), staff rebooted the prices Kate buys cards at, setting minimum prices on cards.

tuesday 18/09/2018

Its a work in progress

monday 17/09/2018

I think Serafina's art is GORGEOUS. Dont play much with her but i drool over her art from time to time.

So here it is a small help to get the best value of your packs Clan picking spreadsheet

now the reason its almost perfect is due to not being able to autoupdate itself so its pretty much locked on every available card till now, if someone with the skills want to pick this up and make an improved one that would be the best.

all the data used was provided by

note that Cr's and MT's are not in the values.

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