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wednesday 08/03/2017

Just realized this pattern. My guild mate who reached 602 won 28 points on his last match, and his current score is being shown as 28. Similarly, you won 40 points but your score is being shown as 40 so all scores are actually showing what the player won in his last match, which is why one of my friend's score is - 9 smiley

saturday 04/03/2017

I wish they would make it if you make it were you play what 2 zones away from the zone your in

say your in zone
3- Danger zone
you are more likely to play 2- Chocomuscle ring or 4-EFC Tower has a 72% for a mach making an 28% chance match making for 1- Dark corners or 5- Polit arena that way it balance out for players much better.

I'm Lovin' It!!! smileysmiley because I get to use this deleted even if it is just for a Zone or two smiley

tuesday 21/02/2017

You have to play 5 rounds a day or you will lose. at the end of the week the one with most post win's. its really simple. just make sure to play your 5 games a day or you really lose points for it.

saturday 18/02/2017

Nobody cares , u just holded the game together , but now dead all round smiley

sunday 12/02/2017

What game mode

friday 10/02/2017

thursday 09/02/2017

monday 06/02/2017

Hes not but he dose prove if we nerf all the other leaders they can all be used in elo. but heavy Nerf.

john doom is not hard to beat that an he cant ko with out fury so hes not really op. hes just irritating like a rash that wont go away.

saturday 28/01/2017

friday 27/01/2017

The Bangers deck I said btw is a 2/2/2/3/3/4/4/5 which looks like it would deal low damage(idk, I always feel having too much 2* would make less damage) but their 2* damage output is surprising for not being in La junta but that's just my Opinion.

I actually tried an Upper/Frozn Deck and it does well. I use Aaron, Yod, Lowki, Haaken/T-We-1 and Josephine/Maurice, Rubie/Christelle, Salstberg/2* Gina Glitt, Jose Star/Gail Ld. I would use Stompah over aaron if he was free but Aaron is actually good tbh.

thursday 26/01/2017

Ah just a note, I use Gail LD instead of Wendel, but I didn't include Gail since you don't have her smiley

monday 23/01/2017

It's stupid.

They were banned for a reason. Certain un-evolved cards have significant advantages. And it not only encourages price hikes for certain cards at certain levels, but it also influences bans both permanent and weekly.

wednesday 18/01/2017

Things that can be the case:
-Turn off random mode (turn no-random on)
-Check what card has the least amount of stars (that card wins)
-Then check who was first (if stars are equal) (that card wins)
-Check if opponent has solomon (if he does he wins)


monday 16/01/2017

Both swap glenn out or any other less important card

thursday 12/01/2017

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Problem release stronger cards mean other's get pushed out cause of a price gap. for newer players. cant afford it.
an older cards get pushed farther way.
what we really need to do is go through all the cards 1 by one an see witch ones are to powerful compared to there counter parts an witch ones were banned to see if they don't need to be banned. an re-balance elo it self.

i personally don't see the problem with 50/50 cards they all ways been the turn around cards to me that can win a game for you. an all cards have these 50/50 cards so no clan was every left out in that area. but as soon a soon 50/50 card came out all hell broke loose. witch never made sense to me.

I thought 50/50 cards gave the game a mechanic alone its own that said you winning now but i can turn it around if i play this card right. witch all other card games have millions of those 50/50 cards in them. an they do really well.

prizes should be slightly high in elo yes make's player work for it but not to high or people with money over free players will be unfair an drive new players an free players away from elo then you have only 100 playing a week an that's not good.

wednesday 11/01/2017

Well if you think about the point system works well it be only 2 point card since im prity sure the better 2* will have more then 2 points on it. incourage play of cards like Globumm.

My god just sold my nahi for more cards smiley

monday 09/01/2017

It will be cheeper to go for a expensive 5 star and a cheep 4 star like isatis or naginata arnie , but walker arnie are the dest stat wise this week. abd you don't need to spend clintz on the expensive 2 stars that saves clintz too like thormund to dean. dean is a little better to thormund the 1 extra dmg is big dead but dean fails to atk manip more than thormund.

monday 02/01/2017


please use english in english forums.
You can post this in french forums if u wish.smiley

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