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tuesday 19/07/2011

If 100 people join this event I'll double the prize for first place to 20k.(Right now 10k)
If 175 people join I'll double the prize for 15k.(Right now 7k)
If 250+ people join I'll double the prize for 10k.(Right now 5k)
Also accepting donations so more people have a chance to win.

sunday 17/07/2011


Angry Zoo Rate Green!
If this preset reached 800+ I will give away a Laura to a lucky player who comment.
So do post a comment since that will be your entry. smiley

deleted simple easy 1 day lotto invite your guildmates and friends

saturday 16/07/2011

Stage 1 - Semi Finals

All Participants are free to challenge all 32 other countries, the better you do the more points you'll accumulate the more points you have the better your chances are of reaching the Grand final.

Semi FInal 1, 16 players will advance to the Finals due tot heir final scores that will be taken into account on next Wednesday, and the 16 players who fail to will be eliminated.

The Final, basically it's a frenzy to see who can beat all other countries and win the whole event, I wish you all good luck with your batles.

Prizes will soon be verified,and donations are warmly welcomed!

Thank you, for your time!

Diane Simmons.

I look forward for your participation! - Eurovision FIGHT Contest (UR Version)

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Starts in Monday hurry up

friday 15/07/2011

Deck Format:
Any 25* or 26* decks made of only Skeelz
Caelus Cr is banned in this format
and No doubles

There have been plenty of so call "dead events". So far the only ones whose in control is the person who created the event and the UR Staff. I would advise that you list out the events that you were in that never got any sort of resolution.

I changed the point game so you only lose 1 point rather than 5

Is possible to build a deck with only 3 cards?

thursday 14/07/2011

This is my very first event created and it is open to anyone in the UR community who wishes to participate and have fun. This won't be an easy trial, it'll be challenging, but worth it. Donations are also welcome at any time, if you wish to donate pm me. R & C deleted

★ View my profile and rate this lottery for bunches of Elliots and maybe more !!!
★ All winners chooses random !
★ P.S. My last lottery in 2009 is 35th in all time popularity table if this one goes to top 5 i will make another one smiley
★ P.S.S. If someone wants to join the party feel free to donate, lets make this summers biggest lottery !!!

★ If profile viewed 15000 times...
50 of players gets Elliot

★ If profile viewed 20000 times...
100 of players gets Elliot

★ If profile viewed 25000 times...
60 of players gets Elliot +
one more gets 50 Elliots !

★ If profile viewed 30000 times...
75 of players gets Elliot +
one more gets 75 Elliots !!!

★ If profile viewed 35000 times...
75 of players gets Elliot +
one more gets 75 Elliots !!!

★ If profile viewed 40000 times...
75 of players gets Elliot +
one more gets 100 Elliots !!!

★ If profile viewed 50000+ times...
100 of players gets Elliot +
one more gets 150 Elliots !!!

And here comes more !!!
Lets all say thanks to...
DiscoSteve for Zinfrid !!!

wednesday 13/07/2011

smiley for Tanto89 to help newer players.

tuesday 12/07/2011

My circuit of events has grown larger and more popular than I could ever have imagined. It takes me absolutely forever to message all the players who are potentially interested in playing and by the time I get to the last couple of guys the event has long since filled and I've got some unhappy campers. To remedy all the problems at once, I've created a special event to communicate with my players. Please understand that this event will never have any matches, has no prizes, and will never end. It exists only so I can communicate with my players and inform everyone at the same time of the events on the CC Circuit so everyone has a fair chance to join.

If you wish to be kept in the loop of the CC Circuit, join this free event-

CC Circuit Players

monday 11/07/2011

Event c, tourney a

To celebrate few things in my life..
this one is for level 25 and above

well guys, do you like CR??
this is your chance to get it For FREE
this is a free lottery for everyone from 25 and above
for low level player? tough luck, you can join this one: http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=51194

come and join smiley

[LOTTERY] I will type CR

As with all my events, it is filling very quickly. There are only three spots still available. Join now to secure yours!


sunday 10/07/2011

Join deleted and join us guild:1404909

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