monday 26/10/2015

Tho the month's don't matter any were in the world. Could be set up to were the game has its own month's an it goes off there an not Ares no matter were the world you are.

sunday 25/10/2015

I guess I won't be trading then. Seeing the stable prices stated by mTx GTX...
Anyways, thanks for replying everyone. smiley

saturday 24/10/2015

Which are the clans to choose for elite packs?

friday 23/10/2015

Fly you fools...

thursday 22/10/2015

Art picking!!!


for the help

wednesday 21/10/2015

Ahh the good old times :')

monday 19/10/2015

I like to think of Walden as the curve ball you can throw at your opponent, I mean most of the nuke cards have 7 power or more and have a higher star count aswell which will make Walden more powerful couple it with his status as a 2* plus SoA your opponent will think hard if you are pilling him or not.. They will either avoid him since Walden not only copies their power but cancels their ability or underestimate him and pill low and you win the round eliminating a threat.. but that's just how I see it.

Hahaha... people taking this clown seriously.

Lennox is better than dacote

wednesday 14/10/2015

A game mode that shy's away from the standard UR format would be a nice start. Leader Wars/Draft was a decent change, but it isn't full time. Try and change something around with the card structure in a match. More than 4 cards? 2 card duel (no rares, CRs, ELO banned cards, etc......whatever caveats you want)? Basically something that's different than your standard UR match to pull people back in.

tuesday 13/10/2015

@Gua Ra Na: *That's what she said* smileysmiley

sunday 11/10/2015


more smiley

Hoe does Boostr expect anyone to actually pay 25 credits for LW?

An event where in able to win the event, you have to lose the fight.

i played an event like that before.

saturday 10/10/2015

New post!

Just hit the play button and the daily reward thing will come out on your screen.

I still prefer the WOP-with-someone thing in an event room or in fight club

friday 09/10/2015

NEVER! smiley
Miss Nova and Mr. Hemdall FOREVER!

I don't think it can be avoided as long as there is a new Mr and Miss every year.

wednesday 07/10/2015


Piranas and riots
Two of the clans you like and a deck I also like

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