monday 25/01/2016

Yes, it's this. A lot of people left the game because he didn't like the new version. Now we can play in the same version that all time but in the future, we will play in the new version.

saturday 23/01/2016

But sadly this will not happen in UR? lol

Hey man, i noticed you applied for OC. All of our guild admins are currently offline but im sure when one of them come online they'll be able to process your application smiley

(PS open casket is definitely a family that can guide you!)

Personally, I think we're on the brink of too MANY game modes. Pretty soon you're gonna hafta pick and choose which modes you want to play. You used to be able to do them all in a week...

Thanks man smiley
Thank you all smiley

friday 22/01/2016

I think you need 270 for Kommandon Ld.

I mean privare sales ofcourse, byt it gosh darn annoying to click so many times because there is no button for, buy all which adds 1 little line.

Would be appreciated

Dugan has been a staple of my Junta decks since I was first starting out. Its a useful 5* of reasonable price.

thursday 21/01/2016

So for bronze and silver keep till 100 and then spin for cr? And gold 1 by 1.
Btw I just noticed this with the girl in the tokenz spin.

sunday 17/01/2016

But 1 AT = 30 credits though,isn't that a bit much ?

If they bring back DM,they need to improve the prize structure,no matter what! Like maybe add Bronze tokenz for top 3

saturday 16/01/2016

Not sure what the man's going on about. Sledg is a good card. Tina, too. I would dump Larry, personally. You could put in Pierce or Lothar. Nancy isn't a great DT card. I'd probably replace her with Reeves or even Wolf, since you have him. Or Nancy and Larry for a 4 and a 3. Like Gordon and Anita.

friday 15/01/2016

Sorry, not Wesley. Replace Tina with Suzie.

Nice Carlito reference... smiley

wednesday 13/01/2016

Case in point:

Tricky 1 was a Colossus and has just become a Phoenix

They can slow down a bit an still make more money

one year of updating the site to make it better an still putting out cards an game modes will still draw in customers
an the second year is about the new clan an focused mostly on that an it be 100% finished.

an they still haven't done the raptors animation witch makes me fell uncomfortable
so the 1 year focus on the game's functions an other on the clans an card mostly would really spread things out an give the ur staff some breathing room. an make it more money cause there be less to complain about.

From that sounds of things your getting a wide selection of different rares, not the same rare over and over again. Its just down to luck if you own them or not.

tuesday 12/01/2016

"normally I get 1 rare or a new blood in it"

wow!!!! you get a new blood in a new blood pack!!!! amazing!!!!

yes i know what you meant 0.0

Keep playing tournament and go for a position in the top 150
that's how you grind

playing elo is also okay too, but herp derp to even score above 1200 if you don't have your dream deck already

other options include playing duel for free cards that you can either keep, sell on the market (if you bought $$$ before on the site) or sell to kate.

monday 11/01/2016

Yeah, well...I'll let you know when I get all the cards. smiley

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