wednesday 11/04/2012

This improved one is good. But as you see in your comments, put Jiro instead of Otakool

tuesday 10/04/2012

I forgot Spiaghi my bad

monday 09/04/2012

Which i have, and i think i only lost 12 points ...(2 + 4 + 6) ...

saturday 07/04/2012

So when this bug will be fixed? And only some people playing elo have this bug?

friday 06/04/2012


It's a good deck that runs over a lot of clans with no power/attack manipulation. It's also valid in Standard, and if I was using it in elo I would of course take out some subpar Standard cards.

wednesday 04/04/2012

This deck is a hell of a lot like a one trick pony. Predictable, and counterable. All the above advice is good.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Aylen to Tomas, Eloxia to Belgosi and Todd to Chiara.

Good deck. I would personally change Ongh to Askai and Radek to Gerald.

Cannot see the deck preset

Nightmare for me are quite predictable, you just need cards that have a good base stat, or very useful ability. I find piranas to be more troublesome, their pilling pattern is hard to guess.

tuesday 03/04/2012

Ok thanx everyone

La Junta also have good versatility in 3*, lots of different abilities in Wyre, Trish, Jane Ramba Cr, Nahomi, Laura & Archibald. Even Bruce is playable.

monday 02/04/2012

Lots of good 2*s smiley

Fuzz for Mono since he has near guaranteed 8 dmg thnx to SOA and junkz mono lacks dmg

I don't overly like peeler for ELO because his min is too high, for half decks i would rather drop the star to one of their uber 4* cards (who IMO are better overall) and gain a star elsewhere

However if you insist on using one in half decks Fuzz is more useful, even if your other half is Gheist because it is ability SOA meaning you can cut through piranas and Nightmares abilities as well

sunday 01/04/2012

Very nice work! I personally have always felt that La Junta and FPC were competitive in ELO, mono or not. It just takes a smart player, and a good all-around build (like yours) to make it happen. Winston is not a bad choice, either... I think he has much better synergy with your lineup than Wardog.

Thanks, guys. I think I will try and play 2 matches, and see how it goes. If i win them both, i'll try and reach the 1300

Nice deck. Sadly Ghumbos banned.

Wow looks good, but would fuzz > Jiro and and Ivana > Baby Q work?

saturday 31/03/2012

Here's mine if you want to use it. Just me sure to rate up smiley
Road to Vickie Cr smiley

The deck seems fine. If you have trouble it might be that fang pi clang isn't the clan for you.

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