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tuesday 31/05/2011

UPDATE: I added the rule: "Your Deck cannot contain any double characters." (Thanks s(apeg0d!) smiley

Sorry, I didn't realize before. smiley I don't pretend to alter the initial rules.

Congratulations to shoogbear63 on winning Ngrath! Private sale sent for 50 clintz. Results at http://goo.gl/zMWCD

Prize must be claimed by 10am eastern US time on June 6th, 2011.

monday 30/05/2011

Prize was not claimed and was returned to donator.

sunday 29/05/2011

I want to jion

friday 27/05/2011

It's moment 134400 Clintz

Hurry! Seven more needed and the lotto will start!

thursday 26/05/2011

The start date is 28th and the end date would be on june 14th smiley

Word of advice, you dont need to use nightmare cards for the removing life missions...just cards that remove life

wednesday 25/05/2011

Thanks Limitless X... smiley

The drawing is going to be tonight so get joined up smiley

Drawing is in a few hours. Last chance to join!!

Closing date for registration:
Thursday June 2

Draw Date:
Friday June 3

Minimum grade: Novice
Maximum Rating: Hero
Maximum Level: 30

Registration fee: 100 Clintz


The draw will take place in the room: SORTEO VOL. I

The awards are:
100% of the pot (-5% kate) + Ghumbo
K Cube

The awards were distributed as follows:
One prize per player in the starting order of the numbers in the order they are listed cards.

A greeting.

15 hours before this FREE LOTTO CLOSES...JOIN NOW!

tuesday 24/05/2011

Hi im dr demon im the founder of NEW AGE OUTLAWS im looking for a guild to have an guild vs guild event with . mostly 10vs10 .......type 1 and type 2 . also any level ....im just trying to have a event.....any one can join any language as long as the understand the rule any everything......entry fee is 200 clintz and i am personaly gonna donate 10k to the winning guild and then all the jackpot goes to the person with the most points in either guild ? ......just message me http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/

(GBB-Milowitt) Lotto for Grotto!!!

Come one, Come all! You get to vote for which prize is distributed!!!

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