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saturday 06/02/2016

No matter what prices will all ways go up an down. after a while every thing will settle back down an return to normal.

should only pick a option for what's would really work for this game. an worry about price flux later

It's worth the credits, but this late in the season without any word on what the post-season rewards are, it's not worth the risk to go for S1 over waiting a week and a half for S2.

friday 05/02/2016

MYeah that are starter cards too, pribably they get (3?)kinds of deck at the start




thursday 04/02/2016

I see! Thanks guys! smiley
This is really helping a lot!

But Yeah the biggest part of hosting is just creativity and fun. If you dont have the time or just dont want to do it, DONT TRY THEN!

I think the most helpful thing is to look at the cost of the card for the month. If the current going rate is higher than a month ago, sell. If it's lower, then hold it. Daily and weekly rates can fluctuate greatly but the monthly rate is a good indicator of the value of your card.

wednesday 03/02/2016

Skeelz Andy i think

sunday 31/01/2016

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@HipHoppa Whenever I see someone doing that I try my best to ruin their mission. (Well, back when I had to use training for masses of cards) When I encountered it, I just always saw it as exploitative; "accomplishing" missions against people who are using unleveled cards.

Missions should be disabled in training modes in my opinion.

# Card Unique ID - Clan Number, so... if you sort cards by date, it will show by Number of Card ever created in game, not exact date unless it's in history of card.

saturday 30/01/2016

How's this a scam if the staff make up all the rules on how it run an work really? an it be safer then it is now were you loan out a card for 50 clintz cause that's how privet sell work an they decide I keeping it an you have to go to a mod an bug them to get it back.

at leas this way it returns it self to its owner an no one gets scammed cause they know its just a loan an its set up right.

the way some loans are now is to risky for me to ever do it ever.

but if the game had a way to do it safely then yea I loan out some cards my self.

hell it could be for free to boot for the loan out.

friday 29/01/2016

Solo missions work too (Damage with X, life points with X) (When I played it the last time)
But other missions dont work

wednesday 27/01/2016

Kate works for ur they just giver her a box of cards an say play people an hand these out. an giver her any cards she wants for free.
there's perks to worked for them.

man I work for ur if I get all the cards for free even the new one's.

Just play 40* with all 1HKO and heal and toxic crp and she will Always all in T1 and give free win to you smiley

Same problem.

Who wants to play a game where you lose week after week for experience? I'm not going to spend 100 dollars just so I can PLAY at the same level as vets who's been playing this for 5 years.
I'm done. No more Urban Rivals. I tried it and thought it was fun. Now I see it's true colours. Another pay-to-win type of deal and I ain't doing this.

I'm very positive that at this point the 10 remaining guilds will profit from this change. I'ts gonna be awesome!

tuesday 26/01/2016

I do got to say this one thing witch clan is your #1 clan you just love forever. Never sell your #1 clan no matter what ever smiley

Thanks Pill, nearly at level 25 so I will.

To be honest Lucas I can't really remember! I was in one called Silient Witness at one point...

Yup,10th year

"it used to be 10-15K players, even 20K players when new cards come out"

Ah,the good old days! smileysmiley


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