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friday 26/08/2016

Hi, you might get more luck if you ask in your guild because they can then put the card into the guild bank.

I didn't know this is a violation to T&C

Sorry for making a di** move :/

thursday 25/08/2016

I woke up another day of no job's. "why" I thought.
so I got up an went to ask around the base. I walked up to Vladimir an asked "why no job's lately?"
he looked down at me an looked up an with just a since sentence said" waiting for the new blood to show up."
then walked off.

I was like " what?' with a look on my face like huh?
so I went snooping around about the new blood suppose to be hear. I asked dr saw but he just wonted to put needles in me.
vryer had no clue as well but looked more mad.

But I was walking by a hall when I heard 2 talking about the new blood. they say" the knowledge of it is only in the skeelz school library."
so I thought why not head out to get the info on this new blood every one waiting for.
apparently we sit on are but waiting for it to show up.

So I got in the school the easy way applied as a student an it was not cheap 500k clintz dam. there goes my savings so why not get a education while I'm at it for that price.

I went to the library to look for the book on the new blood. then my jaw hit the floor there was so many books they were flying all over on there own an it was amazing it was the size of clint city but just books. so I passed out right there.

tuesday 23/08/2016


we a English speaking guild that love the card an you to in the guild even if you inactive if you came back we still like you to stay apart of the guild.

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Right now, you can't. There'll be an arcade in the future where he'll be available, but not in the season currently going on but most likely the one coming after it. Unless you have any of the LD missions left where you could get him (one where the reward is his face), then completing one of those should still work.

Event like Romana or Pilzken or event like massive Hypetrain crashing into Razor Rb?

monday 22/08/2016

For the most part, people pay more for unleveled cards for a couple reasons.

1. Some cards are very powerful in semi-evo form (especially in ELO). For example, Beeboy is a 7/7 copy opp bonus, fully leveled. But he's also great at 4 stars (7/5, copy Opp bonus). Some people buy semi eveoed cards, use them until they level up, and then buy a new one to keep using st the lower level.

2. People get BP, as well as mission progress from leveling up cards. So most players figure, why not pay a little more for a non-leveled card since they will get extra benefit out of it...

sunday 21/08/2016

I agree with - Pillman

saturday 20/08/2016

True, the players who play this game nowadays dont google it and just go to UR immediately. But it still shows how almost all graphs are UR-related

friday 19/08/2016

I don't think you need any wizardry for this game smiley

And if you really have no room for the second one you can always use a card that works almost the same like them but with lover star count (Wyre, Archibald, Spade). smiley

thursday 18/08/2016

Thanks, problem solved

I remember the cheapest cards in the market being around 140 clintz and often lower if people sold for less to get rid of them quickly

wednesday 17/08/2016

They're all different. There's not one solution to them all. I've been fairly successful with mono ALL stars and Mono Montana, if that helps...

What i really dislike about this app is that I cant know when I have courage respiral etc...
It says that courage is first round but alot of times its not it gets really confusing. Another thing is the pills I lost soo many matches cuz of this, it will say your opponent has one pills but it adds another pill when you start the battle. Also the app crushes my battery in like 30 min but my phone has 3gb of ram please fix this

tuesday 16/08/2016

Guide to make quick clintz. gather up about 15k atleast at first keep a deck of 10k (decent decks can be made out of 10k) and invest the 5 rest and be sharp and always check the market daily for investments be wise and you can make much out of it

monday 15/08/2016

As long as we're spitballing, I think it would be cool if the staff coukld use Arcade mode as a chance to test out new deck formats and play modes.

Hi, You should get access to the market once you reach level 10: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2606146

If you still don't have access please contact support as it might be a bug.

sunday 14/08/2016

They should definitely keep the wheel but without the option of winning a cr, so that people have a choice if they want a cr with 100 tokenz, or take a risk on other cards for 1 tokenz. smiley

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