wednesday 20/04/2011

tuesday 19/04/2011

Joining via iPod is very difficult if not imposssible i suggest pooping onto your computer to join this event. Thank you.

monday 18/04/2011

Hey everyone,
If you guys could rate up my preset: JOIN LOTTO IF YOU RATE THIS UP!! , I would love you to join my free lotto: deleted

Please rate up my preset and join the lotto!!


JOIN LOTTO IF YOU RATE THIS UP!! -- Please rate this preset and you'll be in with the chance to join......

deleted !!!

Thanks! I'd be really grateful if you could rate up my preset, and don't forget to join the lotto where you can get an Adler O.o

sunday 17/04/2011

Join if you want a free lottery with some awesome prizes !
Join if you are craving minigames !
Requirements: Must be a friend (add me though)
Must speak english !
Must be fun and active !

saturday 16/04/2011

Couple more days to join up!

Now you're going to be C0LL0SAL CR
but Farewell pal smiley

friday 15/04/2011

Just a fast lotto for a fuzz

thursday 14/04/2011

HiDeF Lotto

Accepying Jungo donations put in my PS for 53 clintz

wednesday 13/04/2011

A T2 tournament event with a twist.


Odd Couples

tuesday 12/04/2011

Awwwww i was gonna join

monday 11/04/2011

sunday 10/04/2011

Lack of interest, event deleted smiley

I get PM's from that kid all the time asking for cards. He is annoying.

-Vholt and Eklore origins were explored in the 2010 fanfic contest.
- Morphun was introduced in Vansaar's origins.
- Ambre would have been introduced in Fall of the Leaders

Well that's all the stories I have planned during my college free time. I am interested in writing more stories given the time and motivation. But unfortunately i do not have both of them. Cheers to UR for giving me an enjoyable game. smiley


saturday 09/04/2011

~~Event Now CLOSED~~

Congratulations to every1 who entered, unfortunately we didnt make it to all prizes, so only two will be awarded. Katan for first and Gatline for second.

Congratulations to Coolasc who not only entered first but also finished first smiley
And take a bow Alg_Rairyuu who managed to win second place smiley

(Prizes will be awarded immediately, check your private sales smiley )

Thankyou everyone for entering and have a nice day smiley

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