wednesday 04/11/2015

Finally got my first KO with Candy--wait...he quit smiley

That one dude who is always complaining about Piranhas and Ulrich xD

Btw, thanks for not mentioning me you Jazz-Voiced asshole smiley

tuesday 03/11/2015

The broken boarder on the market just signifies that it cannot be obtained in packs at the moment. In 30 days it will be red. I'm guessing it's a small glitch with the new rb idea as ironjaw and romana did not do that in their 30 day period.

Plus whar does the number after - means after rhos numbers?

monday 02/11/2015

They once tried to 'update' Vickie Cr 's art directly. The backlash was huge, and the art was quickly reverted.

Due to the backlash from the before mentioned event, UR decided to release 'Re-Birth' cards (aka RB). The RB of a card is supposed to be the same as the original and therefore counts as a double (except for bonuses, as Pillman said). It's kind of annoying market-wise (some bad cards are becoming more expensive than I like), but the art is great!
In short, you wasted your money.

Don't close this thread!

Be literally anything but Canadian and our PM will take care of you lol

saturday 31/10/2015

Thing is koshiro isnt a safe investment. In fact, little indicates he'd ever rise in price.

^Agreed, there will be always people who complain.

friday 30/10/2015

Yeah haha...

Lehrg in allstars or frozn

thursday 29/10/2015

Smokey Cr coming back is an interesting thought actually. I don't think you could trade him and parmabarb though, you'd run into an issue where now piranas can field an impressive pill manip lowstar half.

I've thought ulrich should come back for a very long time though.

wednesday 28/10/2015

Beef is a possible cr so you could invest in him

tuesday 27/10/2015

I think it's better if I close this,if you want to re-open it (for some reason) then just ask a mod.

It means someone wants to challenge you to a Pokemon battle.

monday 26/10/2015

Oooow yea i tihnk it must have been silver or a bug, if it turns out the card i got is the next cr i ll make a new post smiley

Tho the month's don't matter any were in the world. Could be set up to were the game has its own month's an it goes off there an not Ares no matter were the world you are.

sunday 25/10/2015

I guess I won't be trading then. Seeing the stable prices stated by mTx GTX...
Anyways, thanks for replying everyone. smiley

saturday 24/10/2015

Which are the clans to choose for elite packs?

friday 23/10/2015

Fly you fools...

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