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wednesday 16/03/2016

You have a thread for things like this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2428971&subject_page=last#answers


sunday 13/03/2016

But are they cards that aren't banned in Elo mode? Because if so, the filter works exactly like it's supposed to and the fault is in you not having done your civic duty of levelling the cards up.

smiley smiley Welcome

saturday 12/03/2016

No your star count stays the same and will keep increasing

Your not mod blacklisted though they might of ment player blacklist (or like some players have send your private messages might of been turned of, you can turn them back on in the settings menu).

There are two types of blacklists.

Mod/admin blacklist which stops you sending pms or posting on the forums for a while (bans are for bad offences and stops you using your account for anything).

Player blacklist which players can do themselves and this stops the player you blacklist from sending you pms.

friday 11/03/2016

The "point" of rbs is to replace old art that was low quality
They're aimed to provide end-game content for players....or were at the beginning

Next time, please post in Strategy and Tactics: General if you have a question smiley

thursday 10/03/2016

wednesday 09/03/2016

Oh what a rascals, they smiley

And after all Rb will be released, they will start a new series: Debirth (Db): they'll hire Team Chman to redraw all new cards smiley

tuesday 08/03/2016

Thanks to this topic http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2595483&subject_page=0 it's enough for you to build a decent deck smiley

deleted mono DT T1,
But due to the penalties I would suggest playing half deck. Playing half decks is not that good for DT tho.
Striker has penalty and damage reducers are not neccesary in DT. Crazy carlo might still be good due his power/damage stats

monday 07/03/2016

Also, I've got a feeling the unlock fee could be cheaper, like 20 credits or something. Because so far it seems it's barely worth it even if you do everything, and there's no way most folks who pay will be able to get all the stars. You pretty much need a large collection simply because if a clan you're well equipped with beats some clans it sucks vs. others, or it can't get certain stars vs. certain clans. And it's unrealistic to expect you can really do 10 in a row with no lossess, so I'm bleeding at least a few credits at every HQ which kinda inflates the price.

ELO seems so out of proportion when compared to tourney

sunday 06/03/2016

It'd better display current cheapest offer cuz i don't care what's the most expensive one smiley

friday 04/03/2016

smiley im serious

Anyways I'll stop complaining just hope that the next time I will also get a mail with the info needed. I only feel a bit left out now but that happens more often

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