sunday 21/06/2015

Wow, you could make a family tree out of the Montana clan. smiley

saturday 20/06/2015

Well not with my missions AAA anyways I hate it >.>

Actually, playing Kate in Duel gives you nearly 40 BP per match if you do it right, so that's a good way to lvl up..

friday 19/06/2015

Oops! Wrong thread. smiley

OK, that makes more sense. Thanks.

See even now you talk like a retard -.-

thursday 18/06/2015

Yea you got to wait a full 24 hours

wednesday 17/06/2015

Not such a big deal. When she could also reward you with 4*s and 5*s, you could get a card like Sledg. Not anymore, though.

Coming from someone that was hacked first hand
@Spyke - I never engaged in any activity that gave away any of my information, and the Staff was able to return my cards
@Pillman - Yes. I never did anything to give away my information yet I was still hacked

All cards have been won and distributed in Private Sale

Congrats to NeoNoire for winning the top prize, Morphun 0xp

tuesday 16/06/2015

Ah I think I got it smiley
Thanks guys smiley

And I believe they also need to have bought credits to accept the private sales (Not fully sure, feel free to prove me wrong if I am) smiley

monday 15/06/2015

Some time if its broke dont fix it but then the older still had its problumes trust me on thatsmiley

sunday 14/06/2015

Well, it might take a while, but it's possible.
That sentenial deck they mentioned is pretty good, after some practice he could get top 100 or 50, plus there's always Kate

Hi, Please can clan and card suggestions be posted here: so we can keep them all in one place smiley

Yeah!!!! Comics, sell comics, more comics

saturday 13/06/2015

I did it with Pokémon too*

@Steel Yeah you're right. I forgot smiley

@ Pillman: Have you ever heard of the term "attention seeker" ? I could use another word for "seeker", but I think everyone knows all too well what that word would be smiley.

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