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thursday 03/05/2012

Ulrich, while he doesn't look super OP he makes a mono Piranhas uber balanced. It's more to keep Piranhas in check rather than bieng OP.

I would love Bonnie to be unbanned but in reality she is kind of OP.

wednesday 02/05/2012

Try all stars. Whenever possible I run a mono all-stars deck with a spiaghi splash

For Lds i get the good ones (Bonnie Ld and .... that pretty much it) and those for clans I collect (new ones (Berzerk, Vortex, & Skeelz)

tuesday 01/05/2012

I love those cards smiley, but one must not overdo their use like gretchen is in the same category but having both of them in the hand could be troublesome especially if for some reason you can't play them early, but even in round 3. azel does 7/4 +3 poison, pretty good for a 4* card.

Interesting decks.

If you want to do a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy the preset=2275795 and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I would personally change Lois Ld to Fei and Chan to wanda.

To make a hyperlink you only copy and past the preset=2274765 you then change the = to :

monday 30/04/2012

Make it back, two of my favourite cards banned now smiley

sunday 29/04/2012

Still waiting for spykes elo ban smiley good deck

saturday 28/04/2012

I'd use Havok Flinch Lehane and Tobbie/Morgan for the sentinel half.

friday 27/04/2012

Good deck. I would personally change Kostner to Bernie and Ranesh to Taylor.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dolly to Bristone and Uma to Kawamashi.

I just fund that without a manipulation ability Nyema can have difficaulty winning to get the damage in and along with the jungo bonus + life is in high abundance.

monday 23/04/2012

Read news. The system is told there

Nice deck. smiley

Ok deck. I would personally change Bloodh to Scubb and Hawkins Noel to Tyd.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ivy to Spiaghi.

Arnie is better at KOing as if he loses you get some of the pillz back to allow you to KO with anuther card and Lorna can have some really helpful abilitys depending on the clan shes used against.

Why both?

play defensive with roots

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