monday 28/03/2011

As well as
Buck and Rolph

Almost start time better join up before it starts.......smiley

sunday 27/03/2011

This event is over

The event for the promotion of cards, which are considered to be "for collection" (2-3 level).
Little hooligans.

saturday 26/03/2011

Ugh so forgot to give it a good title =P

The Piggies are back in this second installment of Bila's Piggyback Lotto!! This is a lottery where different players will be eliminated down to the top spots one by one. Bila's Piggyback lotto is different from many of the 1 person wins it all type lotto. In this event players are given the chance to "piggyback" on who they believe will win prior to the lotto beginnning thru PM. If you guess correctly you can steal up to 50% of their winnings if they recieve 1st or 2nd.

The official rules are as follows: Piggy back Lotto. Its a regular lotto, but 12 hours prior to the drawing players will be asked if they would like to "piggyback" another player. If you decide to "piggyback" on someone else you can take 50% of their winnings if they win! If you decide to not "piggyback" anyone then you "piggyback yourself which means that of the 50% of your winnings up for grabs half of it is safe. If multiple players piggyback the same player then the 50% up for grabs is split between those players. Any questions please ask.

Its a great lotto overall for experienced and novice players alike. If we get 16 players a card will be donated that will not be split, for 32 players another more expensive card will be donated and for 64 players an even more expensive card will be donated. Happy Piggybacking all!!!!!!! smiley and don't forget to join Bila's Piggyback Lotto: Revenge of the Piggies

friday 25/03/2011

deleted Yeah.

thursday 24/03/2011

My event is slated to start Saturday, March 26, but what time exactly? I'm on EST time here. does is start the same day no matter what country? For example, if America can play march 26, 6 am eastern time, does that mean that my friend from Singapore can begin then as well? Or, how does the time work? Thanks for any help!

Bump.... 2 days till round 2 ends.

wednesday 23/03/2011

The prize list is ever growing and worthwhile to join

Yeah, 'til now i don't even get my prize from a lottery. .

Il trono di spade

The house Targaryen was decimeted. Now you can do the new king?

A Gamble

Check it out for details! Really fun! Come win some cards!!

tuesday 22/03/2011

Its time for an old fashioned shootout in Clint City!! smiley So grab your gun, purchase more armor, weapons, and abilities to be the last man standing when the dust settles.

Start off with Points and use them to make your purchases, earn more Points as you survive and kill off the competition!

500 Clintz to enter!

The Prizes:
1st Kenny + 2000 Clintz + 50% of Jackpot
2nd Noodile Cr + 1000 Clintz + 25 % of Jackpot
3rd Azgroth + 500 Clintz + 15% of Jackpot
4th Kinjo + 100 Clintz + 5% of Jackpot
5th Lost Hog + 50 Clintz
6th Clara
7th Linda
8th Scopica
9th Nahema
10th Adler

All Donated Cards will become part of the Random Prizes

Random Prizes will be awarded! Prizes get better as more people join the event! will be used to determine who gets what.

If there are at least this many players....

5 - Drorb
10 - Stanford
15 - Slyde
20 - Manfred
25 - Suzie
30 - Elvira
35 - Heegrn
40 - Deea
50 - Nellie
60 - Sledg
80- Sylth
100 - Aurora
120 - Ambre
150 - Kolos

Check it out and Enter Today!

High Noon in Clint City

Lottery with Robb as 1 price and prices until 22 join it..

deleted ...


Everything needed can be found in the event, but going through all of my previous events might also help.

PRIZES from Trippie total 175k, overall I hope they will reach 350k+

Entrance fees: 5k in clintz + at least 5k in cards.

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