wednesday 07/10/2015


Piranas and riots
Two of the clans you like and a deck I also like

monday 05/10/2015

Don't use Glorg , I agree
But Sukareto with Glorg when Oshitsune is banned is cake smiley
Otherwise, pair Oshitsune with Sukareto

sunday 04/10/2015

Actually in the beta site you can filter that now. I just found that out just a moment ago.

saturday 03/10/2015

Ty tiny glitch i feel dumb xD

friday 02/10/2015

Ok that actually sounds good

You forgot Pan, Edwin, Artus, Oshitsune

thursday 01/10/2015

I see no issue with the min 2. Min 0 would be too far!

wednesday 30/09/2015

It's not surprisingly, Frozn has some cards with the highest base power in the game.

Meanwhile, there's only 2 SOB clans. Piranas have low powers, but slight pill manipulation to try to make up for that.
As for Nightmare, low power, but high damage. A good number of their cards are low powered nukes.

It's pretty ridiculous how Frozn has a 9 power card, while Bangers still are stuck with a 7 power base maximum.

tuesday 29/09/2015

The votes have been added up both on the forum and the link.

The winner is...NUNAVIK. Van Heckton in second and Geoffry and Dylan tied for third. Both Thara and I will be working on the art this week. Anyway, I thank everyone for participating.

wednesday 23/09/2015

tuesday 22/09/2015

Feedback left on preset. Good luck!

You guys realize you're responding to a thread from 2013, right? I'm sure the OP is either inactive or solved his Montana problems long ago...

monday 21/09/2015

I think if he was a gheist he be op to many then banned probly why he was put with the other clan smiley

Rescue with Hugo new meta

1) People buy loads of the same card in the hope they will ether go Cr, get a rebirth version or increase in price. This is all done to try and make clintz.

2) People earn money through a load of different ways, Buying packs, winning events, buying and selling cards e.c.t There is a guide here: onways to make clintz.

3) People put cards on the market higher then the lowest for a few reasons.

- They were the lowest price but people put there own card on at a lower price again.

- There hoping the card increases in price and people buy there card.

- Its a level that people will pay more for E.G level 1 5*, fully levelled new card E.T.C

- They don't actually want to sell the card just show it off.

Both yes

sunday 20/09/2015

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