monday 01/06/2015

You should have Some money for the New blood cards and their missions. But them and sell them instqntly If you want.
And you should have Some useble cards of each clan, so you can get the 10 Credits from the last ld mission.
That is the min you should have.

Especially with Clover Noel. Dam. I broke my ELO record using a Freaks/PC deck.

sunday 31/05/2015

I Do Not like jungo with huracan. It might work, but the Most guys I sag with this over Pilled with a jungo and when you know that:
Good night.
If you like to overpill with huracan, play pussy Afterwards.
Or use the attack to get in a pillz advantage and then you could go with Power manipulation.
In my eyes huracan should be Used as Earl as possible or just to old.

Tried that earlier, no replies. I think mod's should be given power to delete auch events.

Sadly I think That would cause a lot of confusion and cause a lot of scams as people try to pass off normal copies as updated ones.

There used to be one but it was removed when they improved the in-game chat.

Theres nothing stopping you from setting up something like a skype group for your guild (you just can't advertise things like this on the public forums but in guild is fine smiley )


friday 29/05/2015

Full XP reserve and no cards to use it on? exchange them spare XP for Clintz for every 1000XP = 100 clintz! smiley

would encourage people to play more, level up and join guilds to maximize XP reserve thingy..

So, I was leveling up some of my cards (in Training of course...) and two tracks played that I have never heard before.
Notes: Both seem to only occur when Leader's Tower is in the background
I would describe one as having heavy bells/chimes, the other is hard to describe as a non-music person.
I have only encountered them in the Training-no pillz mode.
Are these new (or are they just not on the mobile version)?

Dolly Cr is obviously a two star.

thursday 28/05/2015

Thanks for info Thoazol, but you hate me anyway smiley

Forgot to see this and thank you for putting me back on track about this:


My goodness! Thanks for the pro-tip... we would never have guessed smiley.

Best choices are uppers, all stars, bangers, and then something random.
Personal choices for me would be the rb clans and hurracan

wednesday 27/05/2015

Good Lord, I come back after taking a break for a month or two, and people are still whining about the same shit.

Nice to know the community is thriving smiley

Either way they make money

I did it and not absolutely sure. but getting all gold is a waste of time

OK. That makes sense. Locking now.

It's against the rules of a TCG to not have new sets of cards. Do you even TCG?

tuesday 26/05/2015

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