wednesday 23/01/2008

We'll never have 100% agreements on that smiley
Subject closed my dear players.

monday 21/01/2008

I was there and i pwnd pumpkin the guys are great people and this game rocks smiley

monday 14/01/2008

Hmm..i think that elo right now kinda uninteresting for me..first my cards got banned then kate get cards?then if i'm right all of the cards is only given to 1300+..

sunday 13/01/2008

Nude: you should be able to preview them. Try to reload the preference page.

saturday 12/01/2008

Rolph looks awesome , power to gheist!

saturday 05/01/2008

I hope next time it will be the improvement of the gaME

friday 04/01/2008

Another possibility for a Leader Card would be Team Poison 2, min 1. Something like Kerry's brother, Dr. Death, turned his back on the Rescue clan by deciding the best way to help humanity is by thinning the herd of its weaker citizens through euphanasia.

@Pein: Probably right.

tuesday 01/01/2008


thursday 27/12/2007

tuesday 25/12/2007

Mine doesn't do it.

saturday 22/12/2007

What new clan

thursday 20/12/2007

Gadza: this is not for rants. We have replied to the fact that tournaments have the random factor many times.

tuesday 18/12/2007

. As a result, the editor of the original comic, Soleil Productions, has asked that the cards be placed in another clan.

How conme I can't find the book itself?

sunday 02/12/2007

What I ment by "banning players" is that it should be ensured, that a player cannot win cards (collectors mainly) two following weeks. I don't know weather this would be a problem in this system, were there are more cards, and more possible winners, but it deffinitely adds to the fairplay to the game.

saturday 24/11/2007

Pay attention to your mail and messenger address

For your security:
- never write your mail address on your biography
- give your mail address only to players you know
- you are solely responsible for your mail address and the ones you add to your contact list

The exchanges of allopass codes for cards are not tolerated and we will not compensate in any way in case you are tricked. You are solely responsible of that exchange.
Nonetheless, if confirmed, the player who tries to trick others in this way will be permanently banned

Never give your passwords, not even to the members of the technical staff or the moderators

monday 19/11/2007

friday 16/11/2007

And usefull again rescue are stop bonus cards

thursday 15/11/2007

I think there is a it just my internet connection or my flash player but whenever the flash player is suddenly pauses!

friday 09/11/2007

Sentinels and bangers are 2 clan that doesn't have any 8 powered card

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