monday 08/10/2007

They will not retire, only soleil cards

thursday 20/09/2007

I agree Gibson one of strongest card in the game (8 Power + 8 Attack + Stop bounce = Unbeatable card)smiley

monday 17/09/2007

The reason EVO does not have it's own room is because EVO is a player created format. It is not an official rules set recognized by Urban Rivals Staff.

Only ELO, Type 1, and Type 2 are recognized formats.

EVO was a system devised back in the old days (before the Lost Warehouse) to maximize experience on characters by ensuring that they would fight higher star characters (for better xp) as well as ensure that people could level their characters without getting mauled by people playing DJ Korr or 1HKO decks.

With the addition of the Lost Warehouse and its XP and BP/Clintz policies EVO isn't as needed as an unofficial format anymore, but it is still respected by players, since it USUALLY guarantees that people won't KO each other before both players get a chance to at least get 2 victories.

EVO is really now more a piece of UR history that provides a nice little set of guidelines to give people a standard format in which they can level characters and not have to worry about getting mauled and feel safer in doing so.

But as stated because it is not an official tournament format nor is it recognized on an official level by UR Staff, we won't be going out of our way to support it. However since it's a good format and serves a useful purpose we also won't go out of our way to make it hard to use that format. Any such changes that would make it hard to use EVO would probably negatively impact the game anyway.


wednesday 12/09/2007

hot 32 messages

I agree , it's wrong to stop people sayin their mind , about the random factor toatally agree it is completey wrong most of the time, the market is on it's knees right now and the timeouts wastetoo much time if the opponent doesn't want to lose!

sunday 09/09/2007

So? what say respectable Stuff?

saturday 01/09/2007

Just want to ask how can you know how much attack your opponent has at the start of the match? How can you be sure that you must play 5 pills to counter his 100 attack? You can only use math with random once the characters are already fighthing or if you are already on the 4th round. Everything is else is based on luck and not on math.

wednesday 29/08/2007

What made it so you couldn't play your ELO deck during tournaments?

monday 27/08/2007

Maybe they will make some soliel all stars (i don't read them so there might not be characters that fit in that clan)

wednesday 22/08/2007

Ok.. this thread is no longer necessary and we're got people trolling... that'll be enough of that.


friday 17/08/2007

Now it would be understandable if what you were trying to explain wasn't a load of nonsense. You would be the first to get a randomizer effect in a non random room. I've done a lot of flash coding for my work, and I know how code works. If there was an error in the code, more people then just YOU would experience it. If you got mad at CDZ athena cuz he didn't answer your message it's something to fight out in private messages, it's no reason to start raving about the entire game.

monday 06/08/2007

Yes, Chat durring battle would be very helpfull, though it would also make cheating easier smiley
but being able to discuss strategy would be a good idea for training new guild members, or for EVO play in the lost warehouse, so you can further optimize level difference (even though it's treated as if the lower star card wins, it doesn't matter if they block your 4 star with a 4 star, while they could have used a 1 star.)

sunday 05/08/2007

They are available in these packs from the start.
It's not that you have to wait until they rotate out of the new blood pakcs. smiley

Yes, but will be real fair. You will gain 15 pts. but it will be deserved.

saturday 04/08/2007

I guess you should make a rule:anyone suspected in cheating will have his/her battle point reduce to one every match so that they will be annoyed and they will stopped cheating. In that case, cheaters will be reduced and soon will stopped cheating. Even if they K.O. their enemy or level-up their cards, they will always get one battle point.. That's just my opinion. I hope its helpfulsmiley

thursday 02/08/2007

Yesterday I was some how able to place 47th in a tournament and It was probably the hardest tournament I ever played in, there just wasn't that many people to challenge in the 20+ room, now I'm not complaining I'm just saying it is more difficult to score higher in tournaments in my opinion.

wednesday 01/08/2007

You should of bought the 50 credit pack which has atleast 1 5 star

sunday 29/07/2007

thursday 26/07/2007

wednesday 25/07/2007

I think the bonus makes Miranda better than Beetenka

saturday 21/07/2007

Collector ( doesn't exist anymore in pack's )

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