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sunday 17/01/2016

But 1 AT = 30 credits though,isn't that a bit much ?

If they bring back DM,they need to improve the prize structure,no matter what! Like maybe add Bronze tokenz for top 3

saturday 16/01/2016

Not sure what the man's going on about. Sledg is a good card. Tina, too. I would dump Larry, personally. You could put in Pierce or Lothar. Nancy isn't a great DT card. I'd probably replace her with Reeves or even Wolf, since you have him. Or Nancy and Larry for a 4 and a 3. Like Gordon and Anita.

friday 15/01/2016

Sorry, not Wesley. Replace Tina with Suzie.

Nice Carlito reference... smiley

wednesday 13/01/2016

Case in point:

Tricky 1 was a Colossus and has just become a Phoenix

They can slow down a bit an still make more money

one year of updating the site to make it better an still putting out cards an game modes will still draw in customers
an the second year is about the new clan an focused mostly on that an it be 100% finished.

an they still haven't done the raptors animation witch makes me fell uncomfortable
so the 1 year focus on the game's functions an other on the clans an card mostly would really spread things out an give the ur staff some breathing room. an make it more money cause there be less to complain about.

From that sounds of things your getting a wide selection of different rares, not the same rare over and over again. Its just down to luck if you own them or not.

tuesday 12/01/2016

"normally I get 1 rare or a new blood in it"

wow!!!! you get a new blood in a new blood pack!!!! amazing!!!!

yes i know what you meant 0.0

Keep playing tournament and go for a position in the top 150
that's how you grind

playing elo is also okay too, but herp derp to even score above 1200 if you don't have your dream deck already

other options include playing duel for free cards that you can either keep, sell on the market (if you bought $$$ before on the site) or sell to kate.

monday 11/01/2016

Yeah, well...I'll let you know when I get all the cards. smiley

There's already the Off-topic chat thread that is pinned:


I like the idea of using them to get money off the season pass. I have no use for the tickets as ive brought the season pass and next time I suspect ill do the same thing.

sunday 10/01/2016

friday 08/01/2016

Issue is pfulls

thursday 07/01/2016

Easy way to "break" lds
Imagine a good X* card, now imagine its a X-1* ld
Plunk 3* 8/4 defeat -2 pillz min 4. Solid
Plunk ld 2* 8/4 defeat -2 pillz min 4. Broken

Draheera 4* 5/6 support +1 power. Solid
Draheera ld 3* 5/6 support +1 power. Broken

Oakley 3* 7/3 courage +4 damage. One of my favs
Oakley ld 2* 7/3 courage +4 damage. 7/7 2*

wednesday 06/01/2016

It looks good but I would prefer the english version before I start looking around

tuesday 05/01/2016

To comment on post 3,
I have tried Riots with Vortex... I didn't have much success. While they sound good together, both of their bonuses are useless round 4, and Vortex only activates if you lose. I find that while I may have managed to maintain my pills, I am easily out gapped by round 3.
I had better success with Vortex/Frozn (as was said before), Vortex/ Junta, and even Vortex/Pussycats.

sunday 03/01/2016

smiley restrictive decks are my main motivation for taking part in events. EGO was probably my favorite. It's a nice place to have to play a bit (only a bit) less 50/50 and using some atypical cards.

saturday 02/01/2016

Back on topic...

Thanks, staff!

You need to play with -life cards , pillman said the cards you need smiley

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