thursday 28/05/2015

Thanks for info Thoazol, but you hate me anyway smiley

Forgot to see this and thank you for putting me back on track about this:


My goodness! Thanks for the pro-tip... we would never have guessed smiley.

Best choices are uppers, all stars, bangers, and then something random.
Personal choices for me would be the rb clans and hurracan

wednesday 27/05/2015

Good Lord, I come back after taking a break for a month or two, and people are still whining about the same shit.

Nice to know the community is thriving smiley

Either way they make money

I did it and not absolutely sure. but getting all gold is a waste of time

OK. That makes sense. Locking now.

It's against the rules of a TCG to not have new sets of cards. Do you even TCG?

tuesday 26/05/2015

People like reviving old threads, let them be. You usually can't stop them anyways.

sunday 24/05/2015

That does not look bad at all. Will it attract new people? I don't think so, the game isn't marketed enough.

Octana looks cute in the background. (I'm pretty sure it's her.)

Yes I have seem them a lot in ELO and T2 mode, can be very annoying to challenge smiley

saturday 23/05/2015

"The exchange rate is also poor and not well-thought out."

Sounds very negative.

Well trade got done anyway so ima clsoe smiley

friday 22/05/2015

Oh i see ,okay it's impossible , that's good cause you know sometimes you just gotta trust that nasty gut feeling

thursday 21/05/2015

It might not have been designed that way, but it was very useful for poison missions, for example...

Ye ofc smiley
Ghelas is an awesome staff who helps for the prizes in events xD

wednesday 20/05/2015

I agree with republic. That's what I mean by UR is afraid of change. How can you release somthing new and with the same old qualities? Wow, you guys upgraded the artwork... so, now you can jack the price up by 20×the original price? Withits has the same stats and abilities as the original.its a waste kind of like 3 powered cards in a t2 battle.

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