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wednesday 21/07/2010

Lock this thread already. btw i wanna see a sequel to into the cauldron

monday 19/07/2010

It is great that the advert is possible to close !!! smiley (or - make smaller)

Thumbs up for Clint Staff !!!

tuesday 13/07/2010

wednesday 07/07/2010

Wait did someone jus revive this thread?

tuesday 06/07/2010

I had my elo score rest at the middle of the week. dunno if that's part of it.

anyway that was great, since i had a bad week in ELO!

tuesday 29/06/2010

Stop reviving threads it just gives moderators more jobs to do.

monday 28/06/2010

What the heck? what are you trying to do? this is so old it should be closed already...

saturday 26/06/2010

Lol trax. You were waiting a long time to say that.

friday 25/06/2010

@Thoazol yes, reviving threads is fun. smiley

thursday 17/06/2010

Or use Ambre with Twyh

I would like to say this Draheera rocks! she is a great character to play with! Yumi's name comes from the yumi bow. Aigwon is great if you are planning on playing mono Skeelz. Finally Sentogan. one thing to describe him. TOO MUCH CAFFENINE!

saturday 12/06/2010

Funny how we are having the same conversation on two threads..

thursday 03/06/2010

I liked it, it was a little private place where u can vs the same person over and over and get easy exp off em

sunday 30/05/2010

thursday 27/05/2010

friday 21/05/2010

Really hoping for a Freaks release! Other than that, FPC would be nice All Stars/Junkz/GHEIST seem likely

wednesday 19/05/2010

The next time the Skeelz has a new card make it either a blue or a teacher for the nature class.

wednesday 12/05/2010

Ok thanks wicer smiley

monday 10/05/2010

A B=AO would be very very bad if you face that skeels guy. what is he? -4 opp power lol

Please check the other thread about DM smiley

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