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friday 01/01/2016


Elimination Lottery Semi Finals Live - Starts [20:30] United Kingdom Time At 1st January 2016.

That'd be good, first time trying leader wars today, and it says I can use a ticket, so just wondered how many I had. Thanks anyway.

Don't forget the extra mission involving Aldo. (Inflict 25 damage)

thursday 31/12/2015

For your other half you could use Rex Sweig, Rattle, Shaker, Ryujin.

@Perfect 10: That's what I was thinking. Or maybe she's even the mother/ancestor of a Vortex member or unintentionally created the vortex portals.

wednesday 30/12/2015

I'm going to close this thread, if you like to see the teaser above, please feel free.

Thanks smiley

monday 28/12/2015

That is a [Leader Wars] Ticket, also known as Mobilisation Order.
The Leader wars ticket gives you free access to the mode when normally you have to pay to play.

I hope that helps smiley

saturday 26/12/2015

The chat is only in the play section of the game

Reprisal is the opposite of courage. You get the ability when it's played in response to the opponent's card. The players alternate having courage and reprisal, so if you have courage in round 1 and 3, then you'd get reprisal on 2 and 4. Think of courage and reprisal like attacker and defender.

Regen is just like Heal, but it activates immediately. So you if you win the very first round with Regen you'd get 4 turns of its effect where Heal would only have 3.

Toxin functions the same way, but with poison.

Also, Regen counts for any heal life missions, but not life gain missions.

wednesday 23/12/2015

You say "shenanigans". I say "tin-foil hat" smiley

tuesday 22/12/2015

Rewards from the 26th to 31st mate

I hope you are all liking this and it fills a hole where a comic could be.

Here's part 4: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W8hIF9NfTCeRF9-4L5H1jrUeJJBooWW5Jp5LI-KG6cU/pub

sunday 20/12/2015


This is my Channel for facing fans, enjoy!

And seems I completed it without my knowledge... Great smiley

Looking at the 4 star cards, it seems to come down to either Campbell or Kerry. Both seem to be good choices, though it would probably go to Campbell, if only because he's less expensive

saturday 19/12/2015

Ofcourse but sometimes you delete someone by accident while not knowing, or you just miss that mail because you skip through you mail or you just forgot to add because when you read the mail you are not able to friend.

thursday 17/12/2015

I was thinking
we have tickets we can get for leader wars an HQ an their super rare an hard to get like 1 in a trillion chance right now?
why don't they take out one money place in the wheel for bronze an silver an gold an put in its place second ticket place there? an each ticket slot if you land on it could give you a HQ ticket or a leaders war ticket?
i find that to give every player a better chance of playing a HQ or a leader war's for free an more player's would play DT's an other modes for tokenize as well.

@Infi: Good to know,ain't gonna leave OC ever again then,sorry! smiley

For some time I thought: "Oh schnitzel,I got perma-banned or hacked smiley "

Glad to be back! smiley

wednesday 16/12/2015

I just remember after a while when a locked thread gets pushed down to a point it gets deleted right? why not let players just delete ther own stuff any way be helpful really.

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