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monday 10/05/2010

I close this thread. Just to make it easier to follow your remarks.

About random/no random: the deathmatch setting for all players in a DM will be based on the most selected setting of the players in that DM at the beggining.

saturday 08/05/2010

Fixed for month. Overall will be fixed soon.

sunday 02/05/2010

Could staff add a function that tells you who in your guild has not played for 31 days too. This way, we could alert those players first, and then, after a couple days if they are still inactive, we could then give them the boot.

Also, a similar function that tells you what friends are inactive would be great too. smiley

Woooooooooooooooooooo smiley smiley smiley smiley

monday 26/04/2010

Just an opinion on feauture u could add, in presets search presets where u have posted, i mean u may post in a person u don't know preset then u may wanna see if he/she liked ur opinion, and it gets hard to find it again

saturday 24/04/2010

Here's an idea before you do anything. Make the Freaks minimum 1 or at least 2..

friday 23/04/2010


friday 09/04/2010

C'mon release the cardssmileysmileysmiley

friday 26/03/2010

Sentinel / all stars / pussycats / bangers

friday 12/03/2010

What do you mean 3rd card?

friday 05/03/2010

Xavier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!! about time! i thought you were a MOD months ago..... (well thats what i was told.. lmfao)

friday 26/02/2010

friday 19/02/2010

You can only use iphone or ipod for the "iphone" app.

wednesday 17/02/2010

As for auctions, we WILL have a proper auction feature at some (relatively) close point.

Its been well over a month going on to two months.....really its been since December. Sigh. I love the webcomics and I was glad they brought the current producers of the comic back. I hope they have not stopped. Maybe they'll unleash two? Because we're patiently waiting? smiley

friday 12/02/2010

Man we ( or me) need more cards for the pirahanas, im not telling anyone how to do there job however we need some more powerful pirhanas thanks modz

sunday 07/02/2010

Why not try to make a conference option so you can get a player in one room to chat...like a group chat...

saturday 30/01/2010

Oi vey whens the next Miss Clint City coming?

friday 29/01/2010

5a.m. EST, apparently, Zeezrom

thursday 28/01/2010

Hola atodos smiley ok lil blacksmiley

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