thursday 03/09/2015

If it makes you feel any better, I only disagreed because you begged for agreement. And in hopes that there was a secret thumbsdown emote. Considering we have six varying degrees of happy, two separate sleepers and a dead guy, a thumbsdown would make at least as much sense as any of those.

Hello jerromy,

You have opened a Mystery Box!

You have obtained:
1003 XP


she really hates me smiley

My current deck-building strategy is pretty bad:

1. Find 8 cards that can help me accomplish Missions I haven't finished, preferably a Mono deck.
2. Pray I win 1 round, or a guaranteed 2-3 against Kate.
3. Cry while grinding missions outside of Duel mode.
4. Spend rewards on buying back missions that I didn't unlock in time. ;_;

monday 31/08/2015

@ wantedyoshi
how would it be strenuous? it send a message one time a year to a player/player's on there birthday. with a gift that ever one would get the same gift if they wonted to do it easy.

heck it could be like a auto message that says


happy birthday
don't spend it all in one place 3,000 clintz
from kate

it would be that easy smiley

sunday 30/08/2015

Thank you sir

saturday 29/08/2015

Hi, I blacklisted you (to prevent the hacker from changing any account details), you need to contact support and they will be able to help you.

friday 28/08/2015

First come ambre and then the ability/bonus

But in that case, you get first Ambre till max 10 -1 from erik and you get 9

I figured they give you a random card from the clan if you finished it. an clintz an credits an tickets along the way up there.

monday 24/08/2015

At Post 15:

It only took a small team to put Urban Rivals together kappa

sunday 23/08/2015

Wrong section. Next time please post in the Strategy and Tactics: General section.

Thoazol is right though

saturday 22/08/2015

Samantha is a good card, but I just can't use her now that there is saltsberg and Jose star :/

Boris cr is another card that is overlooked as worthless, but he is a pleasant surprise when using him

thursday 20/08/2015

Same happened to me,
Kate had ashigaru, and freaked out turn 3

wednesday 19/08/2015

Okay so my posts get locked for trolling/spam


You do know if a player us ashigaru with a deck of repraisal an he dosent show up your left holden 2 rounds were theres no way 2 win at all

Another question:

Will staff ever sponsor events old cards that can't be won in the game, or is it just market?

friday 14/08/2015

How? I go via Safari to mission page, it takes 3+ minutes to load and the completed missions page just freezes, allowing no scrolling. You on android?

Another thing:

Will Staff think of rising the cards prices, for example.. the big 5 because dj korr cr used to cost 15M. Now it's 8.5M...

Will they cut down the bigs being distributed?

Because the distribution and proportion of these collectors are being dragged down in price due to the amount in the game...

thursday 13/08/2015

But Berzerk have a clear leader in Cortez? And why would his wife not be in the same clan as him.

Poisons will stack if they're activated from different abilities. Backlash, Defeat and the standard round win. So could it be possible to stack all 3?

tuesday 11/08/2015

Remember when Flo was a viable choice for All Stars?

Me neither.

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