Agustino runs Clint City’s one and only Pelota team. Unfortunately, the sport has been subject to an increasing lack of public interest so the fanatical player is desperately looking for a way to win back its appeal. And it was by sheer chance that he ran into Asporov - probably one of his only fans in Clint City - who suggested updating their equipment. With the help of the All Stars, the Modern-Day Pelota has won over the youngsters thanks to its ultra cool magnetic gloves that can toss a ball at over 400km per hour!


-1 Opp Power And Damage, Min 2
The opponent’s Power and Damage are reduced by 1 points or up to a minimum of 2.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

-2 Opp Power, Min 1
The Power of the opposing character is reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1.
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    All StarsAgustino
    Unlock ability at starstar
    -2 Opp Power, Min 1
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    All StarsAgustino
    -1 Opp Power And Damage, Min 2
    -2 Opp Power, Min 1
All Stars
All Stars All Stars
66 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Clan's bonus -2 Opp Power, Min 1
The new generation snack "ChocoMuscles", that claims to make you lose weight while pumping up your muscles, has just hit the stores and more and more Clintizens are giving up exercise to idle away their days munching on them. The stadiums are no longer being tended to and the race courses have turned into dance floors for the Junkz… United by Eyrton, Clint City's top athletes want to save the city and restore the truth: to gain muscle, you need to get punching!!!
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    offline LoA_Rabble Titan Legends of America
    Thursday 31/10/2013, 02:53

    When I usually write something about a character, it tends to be a short quip to generate some laughs and smiley for my own personal glory (Sad, ain't it?). But I feel I need to express just how awesome this obscure sports guy is, and how useful he is for my fellow AS users.

    Agustino, AKA Obscure Sports Guy:

    -Comes with fairly standard base stats for a 2*, 6/2.
    -While his ability on its own isn't particularly amazing (-1 Opp Pow. and Damage, min 2), it has TERRIFIC synergy with his bonus. Cards with 8 power are dragged underneath him for pill to pill (barring protection or power manipulation of their own), his ability min is low enough to combat other power reducers like Oshitsune or Tula.
    But what makes this Obscure Sports Guy really special is the one damage reduction. My biggest problem with Stacey is she covers only one of four essentials for a great wall (keep in mind that most walls can only cover two; very few can cover three, and those walls are offensive): power control. Stacey can overcome most opponents pill to pill with her dominating power spread of four (+2 power and reducing opponents' power by two), but it stops there. She is not offensive, and is hardly worth putting a lot of pills on, unless you're in the final round.
    Obscure Sports Guy Agustino only has a spread of three, but power reduction is usually more useful than +power. Add on him sapping away one damage if your opponent gets damage through (or just has two damage), and Agustino begins to look like a much more useful wall than Stacey.

    Another reason why I'm so happy about this guy is the fact that he, in my mind, leaves no reason for Ashley to be used.
    Yes, Ashley can reduce three damage, but has poor base power, and cannot threaten with one damage. Two damage won't scare your opponent much either, But the fact remains that he can hit a tad harder, is MUCH harder to get by, and still makes your foe's hit a little softer.

    To be honest, you need to try him out for yourself to see what I mean. The impact he has had on my opponent's decisions have been terrific for me. I truly see this guy as a game changer for the AS, and a very welcome addition. So much so, that he replaces Stacey as my 2nd 2* for the AS in ELO. Jessie is still queen however, and it seems that that will not change in the near future.
    Oh...and he has been mighty useful in a deck such as this:
    Welcome Agustino!

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    offline Alhalish Veteran URBAN MADNESS
    Saturday 19/10/2013, 03:40

    That's a paddlin'.

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    offline ZZ_Sokram Titan Zona Zero®
    Wednesday 10/12/2014, 15:37

    Is a spanish player (José Agustín Larrañaga) of a spanish sport smiley

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    offline RoonKolos Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
    Friday 18/10/2013, 21:44

    FINALLY!!! I have a card that precedes Alexei! I never thought that would happen.

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    offline MrPolarIce Veteran The Pro Ghosts
    Friday 28/02/2014, 03:38

    lvl 1: No one knows about my sport...
    lvl 2: So ill just launch balls in their faces! (sounds like quinn)

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    offline DragonRage1124 Senior TRiNiTY
    Saturday 27/12/2014, 08:07

    My review of Agustino (I have this guy in my deck)
    Great wall
    Standard stats for 2* 6/2
    Clan bonus plus ability is awesome
    2* is easy to fit in a deck
    Can drive an 8 power below him
    Damage reduction too!
    2 damage isn't that effective
    SoA and SoB make this guy a little less useful but not by much
    Competition in clan with 2*s

    Overall review
    Gameplay: Use on big 8 power 5*s or any 8 powers.Even on some cards with small or even big damage.
    Recommendations: Use in elo and tourney and every mode ever.
    Art: Not the best it's good but no just no 6/10
    I'm removing modes because it is pretty much Recommendations.

    Card: 8.5/10
    Art: 6/10
    Playability: 9.9/10

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    offline etefan Hero The Brugals
    Wednesday 19/02/2014, 16:40

    He is missing a dmg smiley

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    offline ROMANEMPIRE Imperator El ojo de Michael
    Wednesday 06/04/2016, 13:52

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    offline 7Chanster Veteran
    Saturday 28/05/2016, 05:55

    Basically a sidegrade of Robb

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    offline CrystalNeon Hero Wise Men Distracted
    Thursday 16/11/2017, 21:33

    Only DR in Z Palace for All Stars, Schumi is kind of DR with defeat +1 life, but don't even bother counting Morrigan