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tuesday 19/05

While I don't know about any big WhatsApp groups, there is a large open international discord server with English, Spanish, Italian and French sections:


tuesday 28/04

Hello we got free caskets and is English speaking smiley

friday 24/04

Hi I'm trading my dragan MT for 16M in card value.
the offer has to include a DJ KHORR (10 M)

1st Ymirah Max:
I value the card at 3.2 M, and I want a Dounia Mt (3.2 M as well) in exchange.
2nd Ymirah (0xp):
I value the card at 3.4 M for 3 Merweiss (1.1 M per unit, maxed out prefered)

friday 10/04

Thanks for all the offers guys, I decided on HoA. smiley
I wish prosperity upon all of your clubs, unless of course we get matched up in club wars.

thursday 09/04

UUUUpp smiley

Hello man! If u want u can try Syndicate smileysmiley Just 1 thing, be active in game and in the forum smiley

tuesday 07/04

monday 30/03

sunday 29/03

The current meta my friend is..
> EQUALIZER - x Power Min 2 to 0
lol hahahahahahahahaha

Hey are you looking for a guild that you can join? Are you an active player who's out to prove him/herself better than others?

Then you qualify to join this guild, as we grow we will beef up out expectations of our members but for now activity and a desire to win is all that you need to join us.

tuesday 24/03

Good luck ! smiley

Looking exclusive for 9 members who wants to become a Dredgen. Rules are quite simple, stay active , stay in contact, always know that we all can help each other grow in strength. Message me about more details
- Dredgen yor

tuesday 17/03

People should join this guild so that the Harbingers of Ares and this guild can have competitions for prizes and such. =]

Just saying.

friday 13/03

Sorry. but I said the truth !

saturday 01/02

New thread created - am closing this one.

Many thanks everyone for your continued support!

wednesday 29/01

Will do thanks!

saturday 25/01

Mm wow good to hear some of these communities are still kicking!

monday 20/01

The first members are here!! Our reign is growing... join!

I think that this old, extra RECR thread for our guild could be closed, please @ any mod.

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