monday 04/06/2018

We're a very active guild with events, prizes and a very organized Ranking system!

You gotta join now!! -->

Active players only please

friday 01/06/2018

Thank you. I admit, I am heavily influenced by Kunnaki 's GHEIST Logs and ZincSpider 's Skeelz Student Reviews, where they have a similar story for Sigmund. I'm glad you like it! (Possibly more suprised that someone actually read it over a month after I posted, but what did I expect smiley )

thursday 31/05/2018

monday 28/05/2018

I'm satisfied for my guild smiley

Hello fellow clan members, I am a new member of the clan, Vasteria, recruited by courtesy of #Beerus_Cr.
I look forward to fighting many of you in friendly sparring.

I am coming back from ~3 years of inactivity since I am a 2011 urban rivals veteran. I really do miss the old UI and KO effects like the Montana shooting the card in a bag or the Bangers dunking the card.
Tons of new clans and abilities have came out in the game since I left, to name a few: Dominion, Ghostown, Hive, Huracan, Raptors and Riots. For some the abilities that are new to me: Dope, Corrosion, Killshot, Xantiax, Infection, Equalizer, Bypass. I look forward to clan member to inform me of these new effects.

My favorite clan in the game is Bangers for Type 2; Montana for Type 1.

friday 18/05/2018

(part 74)

I rode my bike throughout the town, all the way through the main street without stopping for anything until I reached the outskirts of Dunsville and came upon my destination. The Solace Place was a high hill that oversaw all of Dunsville, an outcropping hill that was untouched since the town was built. There was hardly much around except dirt and a gravel path that ended at the top of the hillside where a lone sycamore tree stood and a patch of green grass underneath. I had gotten off my bike at the bottom of the hill, leaving it behind as I made my way up. I followed the dirt path until I reached the top and glanced out at the town of Dunsville.
It was around four in the afternoon, the steady breeze making the leaves of the above head tree rustle a soothing sound. I sat down upon the grass, gazing lazily at my left arm, which I had subconsciously cradled back to my body. I decided to ignore it this time, for I have had worse and not just from beatings. Heck, even one time climbing the very tree I was lazing under I had accidentally fallen out of and had badly injured myself. Luckily, Tom was with me on that occasion and had gone to get help. I smiled to myself over this memory, despite my face slightly aching but I didn’t care anymore. I was in The Solace Place. It was a great place where Tom and I could not be bothered by adults or society rules. Here, we are free to have fun, goof off and just be ourselves.

(to be continued...)

monday 14/05/2018

Very nice and interesting fan-fiction with an appropriate length.
My favorite line:

"This wasn't the type of negotiations she was used to. She has jumped into the Hurrican ring, met in the Montana’s back alleys, and even received a private Freaks show (which is more physically demanding than what you might think). But this, this was a first."

I just couldn't stop thinking of her in the ring or watching a Freaks show.
Thank you very much for the fan-fictions.smiley

friday 11/05/2018

Looks like you already joined OC


wednesday 09/05/2018

Think about MASTER OF BATTLE !!!!
We have some good tourney players!!!

tuesday 08/05/2018

Note: Thread Closed at the request of XC.

Good luck with your new recruitment thread.

Feel free to send me a PM if you change your mind and still wish to have this thread unlocked.

saturday 28/04/2018

monday 23/04/2018

I'll text him Bagadur

saturday 21/04/2018

smiley smiley
Very nice. Really like how you gave Pascal an accent. (Though which one, I honestly have no idea... French or Italian possibly? I know its a Romance language...)
This is (oddly) the right forum section for fics. Though I'm 90% sure no one would care/notice if you placed this under general... smiley

thursday 19/04/2018

For the longest time I've had applications turned off, but once again EiW is accepting new members! As I'm decently inactive with the game atm, admin Larry1311 will be the de facto leader of the guild, and who you should primarily contact if you have any questions.

Other than that, come on in! There's no qualifications and everything is kind of easy going, and as such this is probably not a place for you if you're a hardcore veteran or otherwise overly competitive player, but if you enjoy the game and would like a place to crash and maybe have some friendly discussions about builds or help with legendary missions or whatever, then this is the place for you.

sunday 15/04/2018

Thank you f.yan. Welcome Seen! There's a place for all of us, I'm happy ViE found you!smiley

sunday 08/04/2018

Come joins us smiley

tuesday 03/04/2018

Our guild is new and growing. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. As we expand we already have members who score well. The top is where we aim for together.

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