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thursday 30/01

tuesday 28/01

See there actually was a different story behind.. he did a good thing.. i would also hate for someone to PM me and ask if he can buy a character for 40k below market price. Good prank G U R U.. probably even taught him a lesson smiley

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All the time in arcade

monday 27/01

Updated and fixed.

sunday 26/01

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That's you opinion but she is Indeed a big rowdy

I agree that the old system was better. I'd much rather donate my own collection for public use than spend 10x the minimum average price, even if the amount is a collective of players in the guild. It would take 10 players paying equal amounts to buy a card that a normal person could do by themselves, and that isn't a good system. Personally, I think this is UR's way of fixing their inflation problem. Right now cards are worth much more than they should be because Clintz keep getting poured into the game at a rate higher than people are joining. So making them pay 10x the going rate takes those extra clintz off the market. It was a bold strategy, but no one is going for it. I wouldn't even pay 2x the price split among my guild mates over donating from my own collection, and I think a large majority feel the same.

saturday 25/01

thursday 23/01

Thank you for this!
I'm not on insta much, so this is very appreciated.

Yeah, pretty confusing one. Acutally I can bet, that the ratio of noticing full potential of that card during the fight is 50/50 in first encuounter. But even afterwards I had a little problems with remembering this little detail, that is 0HKO. xd So this topic is fully understandable for me. Now you know.

wednesday 22/01

Here's a list with all character there has killshot

Raoul killshot +5
Mrs Spool killshot -3 opp, minimum 0
Sight Ld Killshot poison 1 minimum 0
El Nazca Killshot +4 life
Torkan Killshot + 2 life and pillz
IronJaw Killshot -2 life minimum 0
Drakorah Cr Killshot -6 life minimum 0
Lennard Killshot +3 life
Tara Killshot + 5life minimum 17
Valentina Ld Killshot -3 life minimum 1 life
Linkos Ld killshot +2 life pr damage
Sean East Killshot -3 life minimum 1

Killshot is a ability that extremely hard to activate but reward the user really much

All of them please, make back all FR PLEASE ALL (Noeptus)

sunday 19/01

Yeah but if you forfeit two games then you get 5 minutes punishment without being able to play...

saturday 18/01

@Kunta thank you so much bro, I knew about that website but I din't know about that... #topcomment!!! smiley

friday 17/01

Looks like Free Fight since its not 10 cards for Survivor and there are plenty of older and banned cards eliminating tourney and efc modes eligibility

Heartnett is pretty bad especially when paired with other Reprisal/Courage characters

For your mono Frozn you barely have any forks except the courage conditional Ruru

I can understand, especially since they removed her Maximum and the advantage she gives over Ashigaru and John Doom to some extent.

Back when Leaderwars was a thing, Ambre was cited to be the second best Leader just below Morphun.

(This was before Melody, John Doom, Mr Big Duke, Robert Cobb and Memento came in the scene).

wednesday 15/01

Yes, and the other MT's old boost will be restored as well

tuesday 14/01


Ability: +24 attack


Ability: Victory or Defeat: Backlash: - 12 life, min 0

monday 13/01

It won't make any difference.

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