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sunday 17/01


saturday 16/01

I just im gratefull that I pulled two korrs from wheel
during a lastweek

This is how I interpreted the Background the UrbanRival city we are seeing is how the game first came out why cause the graphics of the city belongs to those years 2000+
Its from where they started to where they are now smiley
Proud of how UR grew and developed smileysmileysmiley

Kolos Mt
Current status: Deceased
How the character became mythic: Died in a battle to death against Pandemos Cr

#Mechkolos Mt
Current status: Scraped
How the character became mythic: Mechkolos got scraped and melted by Vryer after the Gheistling failed to return home with the Ed 25 plans

XD its fine lol thought you were a troll for a sec smiley

I always go with the thought that real life based is not likely to go mt

friday 15/01


A huge update happens about Oculus.

An animated trailer about them gets released with this following description

Conspiration theories?
In Clint City, they are very real... We are the Oculus, also known as POLIT, and we rule the city from the shadow, inflitrating in every key point and pulling the strings according to our supreme will.
We can adapt and appropriate ourselves of the same bonus of other cards in your field, and that makes us extremely adaptable.
However, we work alone, and there is bad blood running between us and Leaders...

On instergram its said that Oculus will show up in Febuary which means they will maybe join in the next month

Saga said that he will have a fight vs Rgx pligum, like the one of Mechakolos and Kolos vs Pandemos

Do you think that there should be more rewards for leveling up? Honestly i do since i dont feel the need to grind for levels when most leaders can be purchased off the market, even if it was just 2 credits per level would be better than getting a card after 50 levels

Whilst this thread had been unceremoniously resurrected by black magic, I present this sweet a$$ 15th anniversary background

thursday 14/01

Just won my 50th battle! Please let me receive the notification before 11PM!

My next battle I lost a Lamar to a Kiki... Cursed smiley

(I still love carmines though)

It'd be nice if there were a 2 week grace period after NB packs came out, but I can certainly see Phoenix's point about "patreon supporters." smiley

wednesday 13/01

Wow how nice and Moral everyone on here it is...you know how many times i got my cards back in 15 years? never and ive done quite a lot of "mistakes" but also never asked the staff to give it back...was my fault i lost it so i moved on. Its just a damn pixel, not worth crying over it. If every games out there would just give stuff back to people "because i made a mistake"... as far as i know this is the only one.

tuesday 12/01

Manon because I did it for someone and he gifted her to me smiley

Unfortunatly Rich people are getting richer and richer with the constant card raising prices, on the other hand new players and poor people don´t have the amount to make something on the market. it´s really a shame (sorry if bad english smiley)

Damn I didn't realize they were locked privately too. Will trade after they become Mt if you have faith.

Damn I didn't realize they were locked privately too. Will trade after they become Mt if you have faith.

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Nvm just received my rewards aha false alarm.

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