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tuesday 10/12/2019

I agree that the notifications disappear too quickly, they should stay for at least 3 days, preferably even longer, I believe they disappear every 24 hours now, it's too quick.

List is on my profile wall spot.

monday 09/12/2019

I like me some Zerks from time to time, but you definitely have to use them in a split deck due to lack of DR/banned defeat+life cards...but they're great in a split! Chang plus Leopold/Miloz, Pedro and Elvis for double SoA, Hercule and Sylvia Ld for 9 powered butt-kickingness (and yes, they both have backlash), Granny May and the list goes on...

Absolutely Arcade is very much worth it! More than 20k cryptos and many rare cards for free!

Usually if you make the same move every time, the AI will too.
But sometimes you start with courage and sometimes with reprisal, it can also use different cards / pillz. But usually it responds the same to the same opening.

sunday 08/12/2019

Pfull is more expensive, but technically the best way.
I think 2 pfullz + 2 mt's is the fastest

As far as I heard, Staff have lately been using Instagram to hint for potential Crs or Mts (based on my observation to the 15 Crs announcement... the one where Valhala Cr was announced to recap).

I myself don't use Instagram to check it myself to be honest.

friday 06/12/2019

It really shouldn't be thing, It will ruin the semi evolve part of the market. Yes they are more expensive, but card like Dregn Mt isn't supposed to be cheap to buy

thursday 05/12/2019

Protection power just protects your power from being REDUCED, not copied or cancelled...

wednesday 04/12/2019

@Starry Hutson it's not UR Apocalypse but game evolution. Look at the Yugioh card game.

All monsters were normal, had to be normal summoned, only fusion and ritual monsters existed in the extra deck

Nowadays almost all monsters have effects, special summon is more common than normal summon, besides fusion and ritual summon now there is link, synchro, pendulum and xyz summon.

Look at league of legends and how they release more and more difficult champions each year and the list goes on.

Absolutely love that idea BlackJack.

There was a time Lds were lendable, but I recall it was removed and I don't think staff have any intent to make them lendable along with Leaders.

It was removed because of issues and bugs (as far as I am aware at the time) such as I think the game at the time not being able to properly detect which Lds (and Leaders) players were missing when issuing the final rewards leading some players who won the Ld once to receive another copy and when taken out giving them a second copy. (It was an exploitable glitch if memory serves).

It is rare to actually see any 1 player also own 2 copies of a Ld also at the time, but I'm sure no player has that bug issue anymore as duplicate copies were removed.

tuesday 03/12/2019

You definitely get banned if you make multiple account smiley

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sunday 01/12/2019

Hey how about a jungo with 7:7 with the ability defeat: +4 pillz with a goat we would call it goattler this character would be the buttler of sobek.

wednesday 27/11/2019

I wonder if she'll have Cancel: Opp. Leaders as an ability.

This is an ability I've been waiting... thinking and whatnot for since the release of Solomon's Tie-Break which did create something unique in my opinion at the time of his release. We do have Nuke, Bypass, Remove: Ability Conditions which are all interesting abilities.

I also think Copy. Opp Leaders ability is feasible based on the existing cards. (I admit I didn't think Bypass or Remove: Ability Conditions would be possible in UR until I saw it).

Likewise, I wonder if an FR Concept can be used for a Leader ability in UR.

monday 25/11/2019

PFulls refer to cards which need few XP to level up.

Jessie Lv 1 with 400 XP/500 XP
El Mariachi Lv 2 with 1499 XP /1500 XP
Scar Lv 3 with 2800 XP/ 3000 XP
Norma Lv 4 with 4997 XP / 5000 XP

In these examples I showed, basically a PFull is any card which just needs few XP to level up. It can be from Mac Hen to Kiki Cr
Often they are brought to the training room with Mts since levelling up rewards you with additional XP if it occurs during battle, not to mention it saves time.
(This additional XP is Multiplied further if the BP Mts are in your deck).

= = =

Note: In the sales forums, Mods typically ban it in sales forums because levels are difficult to track down in the event of a potential dispute regarding valuation between 2 players since it is hard to track down the levels.

If you are looking for PFulls, you are better looking for them in Market. Typically they are sold as Common cards. Though I think if your intent is to just level up, just look for 1 Star versions of 2 Star cards.

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Edit Note: Edited the main link at the post to be able to directly connect to the Instagram Site of Urban Rivals:


Otherwise, look forward to the underwater place.
Edit: Updated the link to the Instagram Page to the actual working one.

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I’ve been playing for 7 years now and I’m still not level 100. Any tips for rapid leveling up. Best game modes for leveling up to be specific. smiley

friday 22/11/2019

Thank you lol I never noticed it there!

wednesday 20/11/2019

Can you still get the emotes if you win rounds using the deck?

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