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wednesday 25/09/2019

Hula is unplayable. Now that we have Bikini Joe Ld, I would risk 1 more star for him instead of using Hula. He's more of a Wall.

Quaack is very useful in EFC to counter all these Stop Ability cards. And 7 / 4 isn't bad.

But if you look at the cards, which deal the most Poison Damage out of all.
Why would Galactea be above cards like Artax?
It doesn't make much sense to choose her for doing Poison Damage dealing missions.

Another thing is, that Bertie, Araaknat, Sydney are very underrated. But they're are very powerful in EFC tho.
Yes... I know, that Sydney has 5 stars. Poison + Attack Manipulation is very useful.

friday 20/09/2019

@Lux Lux
I meant to say using Memento instead of Robert Cobb on Rainbow decks. I wouldn’t even use 2 Leader on the same deck unless it’s for an event.

Robert Cobb might seem like the obvious choice at first glance since he activates bonuses, but Memento who removes conditions shows some promise for being a leader for Rainbow Decks.

The nice thing though is in the face of Brawl, Nightmare Piranas, Copy Opp. Bonus, Rainbow decks don’t do much.

monday 16/09/2019

That link is bookmarked in the EFC section.

List Of SemiEvo Cards

Support works, even if you have 4 of the same kind on your hand.

sunday 15/09/2019

Example : In Polit Arena, In Z Palace... etc.

[ 1 ] Dark corners
[ 2 ] Chocomuscle ring
[ 3 ] Danger zone
[ 4 ] EFC Tower
[ 5 ] Polit arena
[ 6 ] Z Palace

Only 1 - 6 as a 1 digit - number counts

thursday 12/09/2019

tuesday 10/09/2019

Galactea have stats tu rage dmg. And she have toxin

Yes, pretty much what Isolator said. I’m aware MKali with or without the bonus drop rate can only be obtained in the Elite Packs as far as I’m aware.

Apologies if I did cause confusion with what I said earlier.

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Idk, coppy modif not bonus is nice idea, its just sometimes copy bonus demage ://

monday 09/09/2019

You can use Collection: My Collection Pro: Sort by Ability (Click on Ability)

I would consult a moderator directly about this, but it doesn't sound like a wise idea to me.

A bit vague.

If you’re talking about Steam, log in and it’s automatically added depending on your game progress.

Mission done, it’s automatically added. The opening on the rewards are purely aesthetic.

sunday 08/09/2019

Great, thanks a lot!

saturday 07/09/2019

Carefree Millionaire, are you serious? Reverse dope? Should check.

This problem occurs when a script has been detected from your end issuing the sales of cards.
It could also be possible that you happened to send too many sales in one go without a pause.
This pause is usually a security measure.

I would wait for 6 Hours if the problem still persists, but give I guess you could give it a check.
It is not one of those problems Moderators or Admins can fix for you manually as far as I know, but rather a wait for a while one.

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friday 06/09/2019

Only the creator of an event can delete or remove you.

Just like me, still keeping it on smiley

thursday 05/09/2019

tuesday 03/09/2019

Eliminate them then delete them from the eliminated tab

monday 02/09/2019

I agree with Schatzi because of the overall potential, although some flaws and conditional it is not the worse condition. In most cases Schatzi is 8/4 vs half deck which is slightly above average and 10/6 vs mono without fury very few 3* can reach that without a combination of their ability + bonus. the reward out ways the risk in my opinion

I feel 2 and 3* cards are more flexible in what Identifies them as strong because their ceiling on what is strong is lower than a 5* or 4* card.

I still feel Saki is the mini-big for Allstars because of her solidness and flexibility. 7/4 is the basic 3* base stats, but the ability/bonus combo puts her in a strong match up against most cards while still being solid on her own if compromised as opposed to Robb cr whose manipulation is amazing has too many counterplay factors due to over reliances on both his bonus and ability to make up for his lower power. Zlabal is also a good pick as well because an unconditioned exchange ability is an op ability on on the same level as duel unconditioned cancel pwr/dmg if the stats exchanged is a huge enough gap

Fang Pi Clang
has to be #pei Mei for the similar reasons as Schatzi or Mamba like Zlabal

Helsa or Natasha
Helsa does multiple things that other good cards can only do 1 of. only issue is confidence
Natasha on the other hand is a shining example of the perfect copy stat user an ability that was once considered garbage or average at best early in the game

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