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wednesday 31/07/2019

I'de like to see a clan bonus shift. I'm not claiming these will be balanced, but neither were any of the first 4 cards the devs shifted. Shifts are disappointingly temporary anyways, so just ban the clans in efc for the weekend.

Berzerk: Xantiax - 2 life min 0

Freaks: Poison 2 min 0
or Toxin 1 min 0

Lets have these two clans go crazy for a shift, without their minimums to hold them back.

tuesday 30/07/2019

Perhaps the wave is a reference to the "currents" in the Komboka comic (with that Oculus warning - mad dictator).

Hi admins,
do you plan to release special offer of credits discount?
Are you able to change the price of credits, or the promoter must be the company, that provides the service? (Paypal, etc.)

FOr example this would be interesting - https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2621588

sunday 28/07/2019

Wonder they’d handle Mulligan since Clint Fighting is meant to be like some inception of Urban Rivals in Urban Rivals.

Would look forward to a real life Mulligan card if UR was a phyiscal Trading Card game.

saturday 27/07/2019

This has been talked about for years. an every clan I belive has 1 all ready some take more work to get ready were some are situational an some can pop turn one.
so they are all ready there finding them is the fun part.

For new people, a thing that all players should know. Prefull card are gold. They are not just the same card with less stats for less stars to get in low stats decks (in exception of Nero and Scarlacc, and no ability cards), its an higher level ability which you can easily put in your deck. For example, #Khan, Seta or Byron are 5* cards with a really powerful ability that should be in a 5* card, okay so you have the chance to put it in the same 25-26* deck with another 5* card, just for less stats (and you probably wont need them). Special mention to Kuwaka, the first double card with a solid 9/6 +1pillz in 4* and a flexible 9/EQ+1 +1+EQpillz in 5*.

I wanna put my petition to stop the evolution of the cards, close that braindead training mode and treat prefull cards like different versions of the same card (letting player choice which one he will put in the deck). Its not just the point of purchasing them, idgaf about that, its boring building a deck when I have 37 Rad and 88 Brok there. Then you can open more the game and promote the use of prefulls, playing with the shift too, and balancing them more frequently than you do now to avoid using new bloods to compensate clans instead of for bringing new innovations and mechanics. Just my idea, and wanted to share it with you.

I hope that the list could be useful for somebody. So let your commentaries and let me know if you miss any card (pls admins take care of it).

Ty 4 reading c:

I think the main point of it being time based is that there isnt a big enough player base to have an active portion playing it meaning long waits for games ect. but if they had it like every other weekend that would be cool.

wednesday 24/07/2019

This is copied from my posts on the Social wall thing:

When you press "Market & Black Market" on the App, the logo that appears has changed. Now a red tentacular triangle with light in the middle... ???

On the Level Section of the MOBILE player profile, after level 150 and #Jacob Memento... the spooky red triangle appears again with "Soon" underneath it and I think Russian text which translates to "THE BEST DO NOT KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN".

Perhaps the Russian on the "Soon" is a nod to the Poldachie-Golgovine place that is referenced to often.

monday 22/07/2019

WTF? Why wasn't this announced on the front page?!! smiley

sunday 14/07/2019

And that plus a Pussycats smiley

The game is full of references to alot of popular themes

saturday 13/07/2019

Sorry, what are you specifically looking for in this topic?

friday 12/07/2019

Only if the buyer pays more either from offering more or you not settling for less. Supply and demand.

Over the long term prices seem to go up. In the short term you can get cash and buy other cards you want. You really can’t loose unless you keep buying and selling a lot.

thursday 11/07/2019

friday 05/07/2019

There is a visual bug with it, but the programming behind it is as follows:
1. The damage (after modifications) is dealt to the player who lost the round.
If the player who lost the round has at least 1 life left:
2. In this order, +life, -life, heal/regen, and poison/toxin are applied (if these effects are in play and there's no cancel life mod, etc).

Still can't get arcade LDs from these missions though smiley

wednesday 03/07/2019

You can always check your battle history to make sure it registered as a win. It should have through. That's just an occasional bug.
To view your battle history, click on your profile, scroll down to where your rankings are shown and then click on 'Battle History' or go here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/player/history.php

edited by Itzzwan Ld wednesday 03/07/2019, 17:30

monday 01/07/2019

That explains a lot and has answered my problem, Thank you again Sir Moderator.

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