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Winning fights in tourney mode for the Atkinson mission is NOT working?!smiley

Looks like EFC didn't reset again. I guess it's for real, now!

Join up, The bots are really cool and interesting along with few specimens in the chat smiley

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


Can the finishing move of frozn be disengaged in tourney room? Their KO move takes a lot of time.

Thanks for answeringsmiley
(I bought 7 of it and use one developing character in training mode, seems genius.}

@Piranga it was from reading my post. Dealing with me temporarily lowers people's IQ, it's proven science.


I think that it would be really great to have an area just dedicated to what cards are banned for each different format. Add some flavor text to why they had to go into hiding within the clint city limits and boom you have a fun colorful new element to Urvan Rivals! smiley

monday 18/02

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Of course everytime you exit from game and back to play again you have to buy your premium run ticket again smiley

sunday 17/02

The seasons cost 90 credits each to unlock, unless you had the same seasons unlocked in v1 Arcade in which case they are free.

saturday 16/02

What? i personally really like the mechanic smiley

LMAO Joan Cena xD

saturday 09/02

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Somo more changes.

Looking now, the Berzerk one may be fine the way it is currently.
The Nightmare one needs, in my opinion, something to contrast with the dark figure we have now. The "demon" is fine with me, so I add the smoke behind it to make it more relevant. The smoke is green to contrast with the purple I set on the eyes.
Uppers changed back to the green. The diamond blue didn't work with the clan. And the yellow just looks better than any other colour I tried.
Only made the Freaks colours more vibrant, the icon is really good.
Made the Ulu Watu one blue, and so the trident is more relevant.
I think the Roots one looks really good with that white. Makes it seem a bit modern, but still retains the essence of what the clan represents.
The Skeelz one was really hard to do something with. I tried to make the background plain, changed the colour scheme a bit to resemble the clan a bit more, and made the green a bit more vibrant. The S looks weird because I hade to draw some of the outlines.

As for the All Stars one, I'm not skilled enough to make anything out of it. Same for the Sentinels one. smiley

monday 04/02

Hopefully not. smiley
But what if Mudster (aka Muckman) had a wife? smiley

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sunday 03/02

Could there be an update that adds a feature that allows cards to be returned to level 1, or perhaps lock them so that they don't gain EXP in battle? If you want to start building a meta around semi-evos, it'd be great if it were more accessible.

friday 01/02

Aaaaand... disappointment again.
I was so excited when I saw his 2nd level art, finally cool big... nope.

thursday 31/01

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wednesday 30/01

- - - - -

The clan was one of the least played recently. With the nerf of other clans, it should climb again naturally in the rankings, however, we decided to reintroduce Edwin in place of Hubert, to give them more options.

- - - - -

The clan was the least played of the last weeks, because of the Lizbeth Cr and Lagertha's departures. We decided to reintroduce Lizbeth Cr temporarily, until a more stable NB comes to balance them again.

- - - - -

No change was needed.

- - - - -

No change was needed.

- - - - -

No change was needed.

- - - - -

The clan was among the most popular past month.
We had a doubt between two possibilities.
The first, to make Dr Web Ld ability a little weaker on the losing side.
The second, to ban Pr Balthazar.
Both formed the core of the clan, both in 3 or 4 cards block, and one of them needed to go out.
Since a new Riots 5* new blood is about to be released soon, we decided for the second option.

- - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking.
As previously announced last month, we decided to try for 1 month a change to Bakuta Ld’s stats, passing him from 6-2 to 6-3. This will give him slightly more offensive capabilities.

- - - - -

No change was needed.

- - - - -

No change was needed.

- - - - -

The clan was one of the most played, especially because of Sopiket, which, with his brute force, made some matches impossible to win for the opponent. We decided to ban her.

- - - - -

Ulu Watu:
No change was needed.

- - - - -

The clan was rarely played.
We decided not to make changes as a new blood is coming soon for them.

- - - - -

The clan was one of the least played, so we decided to give them back their only banned card : C-Arib, in place of T Gaank. This card should not be problematic in the 20 cards Z Palace, but we will check the impact of this change anyway.

Bugamon is sort of balanced for two reasons.

A, the backlash = predictability. Particularly as the bonus itself is of course supposed to be less than synergistic with the ability.

B, Exchange cards. Exchange cards are so so disruptive and completely wreck Bugamon's viability.

I'd imagine Bugamon isn't as broken as he appears but only the staff know the stats.

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