thursday 13/12

Looking at selling my Dragan Mt which is currently valued on the market at approx 14m.

I will accept offers below 14m as long as they're sensible. Any deal must inlcude at least 50% of the value in clintz plus cards to match the remainder.

PM me with your offer if interested smiley

Cheers, Doc.

wednesday 12/12

I'm selling/trading my Crook 0XP, for more info MP

Hi all, hope your all enjoying UR smiley

Death Wing 0xp 30k
Pudge 0xp 16k
Bros 0xp 7.8k

Buying as much as i can . Just message me with a message i may be interested in trading some of my cards for yours or offer you something smiley



I can do Moukrok + Kiki 0 XP.

tuesday 11/12

2 Death Adder 0xp against No Love 0xp +850k

Psst. Hey foo, someone is surely going to ask "What do you value your Guru Cr at?"
Aight, good luck on your sale

I will give you a Xantiax Robb Cr and Death Adder, but death adder is full xp

Trade completed. Thanks.

Same! I can trade a 0 xp Dj Korr cr for max Dj khorr plus complement.

Please DM me some offers and we can go from there!

Hi, there.

If you wanna ditch your Moukrok for 1.1M and make a lot of quick clintz, put it in my PS.

monday 10/12

Anyone interested??

Please send me a PM if you're interested!

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