friday 30/11

@MadShag There's already a Shaggy Rogers based character in here and he goes by the name, Wooly.

I was thinking an Every Which Way But Loose/Scott Eastwood reference for Fang Pi Clang in UR with a dash of Cowboy Bebop; Spike Spiegel and it will be a level 1 to level 5 star card, just like Lee Long.

thursday 29/11

Weekly missions award every ld except:

Bakuta Ld
Buga Baga Ld
Dr Web Ld
Sight Ld
Djanghost ld

Currently any Arcade Season 5 ld reward can only be earned through completing their respective HQ's hardcore mode

You can check here
To see which Lds are unlocked by completing which HQ's Hardcore mode.
Keep in mind Season 1 Ld's are unlocked by star count, and some are only unlocked through weeklies.

wednesday 28/11

Try buying a cheap card off the market

tuesday 27/11

Working fine here using the android app

monday 26/11

Thanks all for the input in this thread. definitely informative.


If that was the case then, cancel opp. Modifiers wouldn't be out in the 1st place. SOA and SoB is universal working fir everything like 90% of the time. We want characters to have specific strenghs and weaknesses in dufferent scenarios. That's what creates diversity and options in game strategy.

So please, do not be a ick weed with comments like those.

That's too bad, but I'm sure what the Xmas surprise is will be fun. Maybe Santa will get his own card.

I'm not really reporting a bug since everyone knows it, just sharing my misfortune and didn't really find a good section to do it

saturday 24/11

Damn, do you know that pussy cat is not a good clan in UR, i don't like this clan
I love it, and know what ? This is the best clan in damage reduction, beautiful woman, lovely lady and you can blow your enemies mind with this clan

Don't blame on clans, blame on your skill, bro

thursday 22/11

Are you talking about a deck you've saved in your collection or a public preset? Either way, there should be a big red button that says delete on it.

tuesday 20/11

I agree, the new website totally mess.

Wait what about Sylth Cr?

monday 19/11

I like how La Junta are leading this but they don't know who their Clan leader is.

My theory is Bryan is the leader based on the bio of Natasha. Pretty sure only a leader can assign people as heads of offensive maneuvers.

sunday 18/11

Leaders are just for lore.
Best card in the clan are often referred to as 'bigs'

friday 16/11

Edit Note: Edited the main link at the post to be able to directly connect to the Instagram Site of Urban Rivals:

Otherwise, look forward to the underwater place.

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wednesday 14/11

It is a ridiculous mission, but as was said earlier, you don't have to sell the cards and you don't have to go for the mission.
If you are selling cards you want to sell, to make more liquid money, then the mission is a nice bonus.
If you are selling a card, the gain is the clintz, the loss is the card. The tax is a thing, but if you're selling the card, you're okay with that.

"If you can beat Jackie pill for pill you are OP. If you can do it from 0-13 pils you are past what is humanly possible."

Not really. It also can be just a counter to that card. In Jackie's case take Flinch , for example.
He's everything but not OP and no superhuman. smiley

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No skeelz aint op, its me

tuesday 13/11

Yey! Thanks Rowdy!

Huh... so it does... Good catch.
Probably a leftover artifact from when the Goodies page was accessible? (It contained the full character artworks before they were accessible from each character page).

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