sunday 02/12

My tessa cr 0xp for your vicky cr (any xp) + mona cr (any xp)

Deal done both gone

Hi, I'm currently after:

Kerozinn Mt
Nemo Mt
Blaaster Cr
Copper Cr
Emeth Cr
Kolos Cr
Cannibal Jo Cr

Any xp will do. These are some of the cards I'm willing to trade (any xp will do):

B Mappe Cr
Death Adder
Miss Xingshu

Any combination will do. If you want to buy them with clintz just let me know privately so we can discuss about the price, but just to let you know, the price won't differ that much from the current/future market prices.

saturday 01/12

I do the mobile free credit offers they have been working for me no problem and you get 2 times the credits

I also accept:
Sum Sam Cr, 4400k
Sigmund Cr, 3300k
NDololo Cr, 3300k
Armanda Cr, 3300k
Geuner Cr, 500k
Skullface Cr 600k
Cassio Cr, 550k
Dwain Cr, 650k
A Award Cr, 700k
Sentenza, 330k
Nero, 400k
McLain, 400k

I sell lot of 40 Karl 0 xp at 65k each.

Do you have Kalindra CR?

Sounds good

I'm Also Looking For Spyke Mt, Dregn Mt and Quetzal Cr But These Are Optional. Nemo Mt and Crook Are Prioritized.

I have Kenny MT looking for Kalindra Cr

friday 30/11

I am offering to trade my Dragan Mt (19m) for your Guru Cr (18m) or DJ Korr Cr (20m) . I also am looking for #Mannon Mt (19m) General Cr (14m) and #Cannibal Jo (11.5m). Feel free to make some offers, but I am primarily looking for the cards I listed.

Moukrok is no longer available!

Up yet again.

Sold out

Hi! I looking for:

Bodenpower Oxp 110k/each Max 100 Un
Rolph Oxp 45k/each Max 100 Un

I buy Full cash in my PS.(private sell)
For trade, send me PM.
Thanks everyone.

wednesday 28/11

Oh man, would you take cards for a trade? If so what type of cards are you looking for?

Thankyou good sir!

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