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tuesday 12/01

Wonder how many cards are just stuck on dead accounts, CRs/MTs worth billions just going to waste. Shame to think about.

With the release of ED-O I think he replaces Pilzken.

La Junta:
Leader: Ambre
Atkinson, Blaine, General Mt, Ed 25, Emeth Cr, Ethane, ED-O

Small correction

Your are a member since wednesday 02/01/13.

monday 11/01

New Blood cards cant be obtained on the wheel. Once a card leaves the NB pack it then appears on the wheel.

Its dosnt matter how long its been in a NB pack it wont appear untill it leaves.

P.s I know this is repeating what Martin said but theres a bit of confusion in some of the posts.

edited by UM_AaaBattery monday 11/01, 17:01

Yeah I must have seen the wrong timer, just wanted to be sure. Thanks smiley

sunday 10/01

@DUC-KevinAFCA, thanks for the input and agree that 100 spins is way too little. I do want to note that the 20% correction was after winsorization (omission of solid outliers), so I don't think it is too bad. As you said, the conclusion is supported, even with the small sample size, which suggests that the effect (Profit >> 10,000) is way larger than zero.

A small sample size increases the likelihood of overestimating effect sizes and overall either 1) Missing an effect that is actually there and/or 2)Finding an effect that is actually non-existent. I know a bit of stats.

Hopefully I can close this now.

I remember the good ol days in 2009. vermyn N, blaaster, fifty and Willy. that was a great halfdeck

I see, thank you for the information both of you. smileysmiley

friday 08/01

No, they are four island tribes. I'm talking about something akin to the old Draken faction from FR. Reptilian creatures that come from fire.

I'm gonna make this prediction now. when Death Adder goes CR, Lord Oon LD will be labeled as the new leader of the Dominion

Update new category added

Guest from Ryhm

Spik the hairy warrior


***Clean Up Crew***
Lindo the spotless cleaner

Planet Vronk

Lonerganxxt the vronk cowboy

The religion section - Gothica . tribute to the supernatural psychological horror thriller film Gothika. After everything I have done for them... I said yes to be the heard of their speical experiment and this is their way of thanking me the great Enigma. None the less I was surprise to see Gothika standing at the doors of the museum and ask to be part of my clan. At first I wasn't sure if I should accept her or not. She was not like any of the other members. But after she told her story, I was more then convinced that she should be part of my clan. She might be the first key to make the goverment become my pets

Glad you agree with me Crim about the community being the driving force in player retention. Now imagine if like many other successful games the veteran players could apply to be mentors and have an even larger impact.

I hope #Lost Hog comes back as #Found Hog

thursday 07/01

2-OMB-The money, those 10k you pay for spin goes into the Jackpot on the Ticket Wheel. Everytime someone hits the jackpot, he gets 1M base+the money people paid for spins. Hence the money is not leaving the cycle and with every jackpot it comes back with 1M as a bonus. (plus of course the cards). It is then both, printing value in the form of card and printing money.

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