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monday 29/06

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Simple answer: The wheel is bringing the prices down and the BM the prices up. There is no Mythicals on the wheel thou, let's do the math.

Mythicals today feel more like how CRs used to be 10 years ago, that's fine in my humble opinion, it's nice to have big dream cards.

sunday 28/06

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Is there a way to view cards in my deck in the app when in play area? Like changing deck while playing tourney and I just wanna see the cards in my deck without going out of the tourney and into collection to view the deck.

The only reason why 10 Power won't happen:

It won't in fit the card.

saturday 27/06

But didn't boostr own UR before?

Kate Kolos Cr General Mt and other 1HKO's = mind games and fun times for someone.

The special attraction
Horace the lose minded man

EdwiiJ: The deadly spy
Havok: Over the years I have seen a lot of charming and deadly spies. But nothing quite like EdwiiJ. EdwiiJ is in her own league and trust me when I say "It's better to have her as friend then a enemy".
Lumia: Us Hive have always had retrieving secret information as one of our top priority. So to do so, we need something that was both deadly and charming. Luckily EdwiiJ got all of those power and so much more.

RgX Pilum the portal walker
Lumia: After Maana, I decided to take the Hive experiment to new roads. One of those roads is magic and luckily us Hive just got a new buddy named RgX Pilum. Pilum came from the Ryhm and brought some useful magicc stuff to us. He was on the hunt for a Vortex from ryhm and we was more then happy to welcome him in Hive.

friday 26/06

Boglin the bouncy rubber ball and Dominion version of "CrazyBallz"


Event Ended
Will #K. ability be revealed?
Good effort by players this week

Thank you Urban Rivals staff for Solo Missions and Great Prizes!

I landed on CR $$$

OMG finally DJ Korr Cr Guru Cr B Mappe Cr 'am I right?

ugh #NDololo (380K) Trolled by Borgia's Wheel
I'm so UNLUCKY next time it'll be Flavio Cr

thursday 25/06

Ah ok; im quite uneducated in UR it seems. Thanks for the explanation.

Hey everyone, i have come back after a VERY long break from the game. When i played last i was a rescue clan player and have almost every card from the rescue clan. I was just wondering if there was anyone who was good with them that would have some insight into them and could help me with a good deck for them!

Yeah, made that list in vain LOL, I'm not a great Rowdy MOB Cr, but I tried Ahahaha

wednesday 24/06

They will never put such a measure in place because it competes with spending money on packs to a) get the desired card or b) acquire enough wealth to afford desired card.

Here's an idea; if you guys don't want to reset the EFC ban list to allow for more freedom in deck making, then start releasing 8-12 cards every New Bloods release. If you aren't going to let us use the cards we collect, then give us an ample supply of new ones to keep the system flowing. Otherwise the system just feels oppressive. But one way or another, we need more cards to play with in EFC because a cash prize wasn't enough to get me personally playing again. I only collect.
That being said, I'd also like to point out that 4 cards every 2 weeks is pennies in a game with thousands of cards. Honestly you should invest more in the dev team so they can create more cards, abilities and eventually new clans more frequently because buying credits NEVER has a discount, and there are very few money making cards to pull when buying packs. Not to mention the newest NB rarely are the most powerful cards in EFC let alone survivor or T1. You'd have more people buying credits for NB cards if you gave us more to buy. Right now I don't buy credits unless there's a special pack like the one Enigma came in because the rest aren't worth the money. I purchased the highest credit purchase 4 times in a row a month ago, and gained maybe 18M in collection value. I make more working the market or spinning the wheel. It just isn't worth buying credits anymore because UR doesn't give me a reason to do it unless there's a 10M clint card in a special pack with Akrakk and Death Adder. Sorry, not sorry

As the title says I'd like to borrow a memento for couple of hours.

No problem I enjoyed the temporary event as well. Had a bunch of fun with a rainbow Ambre deck for a bit.

tuesday 23/06

Anyone down to share mementos for the mission?
figure if we get a couple of us it'll go a lot faster
I have 1 i can contribute,

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