sunday 25/09/2016

Leviatonn, Ursula, Hawk, Beck - Nena total 268k for
Dalhia Cr 269k?

Update :

still have :

Mim X3
Arantxa X2
Friskah X2
Dashiell X3

still need :

Noctezuma Cr

310 heegrn cr 0xp + 2m cash for general smiley

saturday 24/09/2016

They are sold, ill close the subjet!!!

I am Selling

0 exp Aamir 43k
0 exp Marina 54k
full exp Karl 28k
full exp Pilzken 35k
0 exp Slayer 27.5k
full exp Dr Copernica 105k
full exp Nahi Cr 425k
Dounia Cr 0 exp 385k
3 no exp Dagg Cr 92k

Willing to trade for the following...... I am only looking for 4 of each max
Rex Sweig 0 exp
Impera Sloane 0 exp
Charlie 0 exp
July 0 exp

My Elya Cr 0 xp for Elya Cr full xp + 30k

Current market price of both cards is almost same
Elya 1.399 million
Sigmund cr 1.4 4 million

Ymirah for 13 Mim 0xp now.

It was 2.5m clintz by the time I created this topic, so no need to write useless comments about it. I'm selling her for 1m900k now.

I buy Toro Rb lot i pay 5500 c/u

Opps. That was supposed to say "you". My bad. smiley

My Anna:
Full xp - 2,999

Next on the market:
0 xp - 3,770

friday 23/09/2016

Only need one of each as much as possible

Sometimes you just have to believe. smiley

Hi! I have 40 0xp Rocket to sell/trade.
I'm not stating a price right now, just PM me some good offers, and I'll tell you smiley

Looking to trade my Smokey Cr for Noctezuma Cr and Mona Cr.
I accept both of them or either with cards or clintz to make equal value.

thursday 22/09/2016

1 Morgan Full

Tanaereva Cr OXP 520K
Uchtul OXP 80K
3 Shaakarti OXP 87K/u
Dalhia Cr Full: 289K
Hawk Full: 54K
4 La fleur OXP = 18. 5K/u
Total :1M358K

I want 9 Rex Sweig OXP 150K/U
Total: 1M350K

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