friday 04/11/2016

I sell 25 sir barks 0xp 7500/each smiley

pm me smiley

thursday 03/11/2016

Looking to trade my ombre cr 0xp 484k for
Rex sweig 0 or full xp 144k
sylth 0 or full xp 175k
lizbeth 0 or full 82k
Liona 0 or full xp 33k

12 charlie full ?

I trade my kiki cr 0xp for a kiki cr full xp + compl

compl must be 500k in cards or clintz i dont care


you can pm me

Looking to buy rattle 0 exp for 40k each

looking for 50

I offer 60k clintz + 9 0xp Miss Nova for your Tsubame (any xp) . Negotiable smiley.
PM me.

wednesday 02/11/2016

Looking for (any xp):
1 Skullface Cr + 10k
2 A Award Cr + 10k
3 Melissa Cr - ( + 90k from me)

pm me

Looking to trade x2 ymirah valued at 300k for lots of miloz 0xp valued at 16,500

I want 19 miloz per ymirah.


Thanks you all for your messages. smiley

tuesday 01/11/2016

My Vickie Cr x Elya Cr

Ma Vickie Cr contre Elya Cr

Ma Vickie Cr contre Elya Cr

Looking for beck-nena 0 or full 75k
Rex sweig 0 or full xp 153k
Sylth cr 0 or full xp 175k
Lizbeth full xp 72k

I value her at 310k and am looking for Ymirah which I also value at 310k. Willing to throw in extra 5k as well.


I sale 20 sparkle 0xp for 10k.

monday 31/10/2016

New role - mediator? :O When does this come up? smiley

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