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wednesday 20/11/2019

LOL okay. Only 3 ppl have gotten the question right. All of whom DMed, me.

Thus, I will be granting only 3 prizes.
1st Place: 100K+100K=200K card of choice.
2nd Place: 50K+50K=100K card of choice.
3rd Place 25K+25K=50K card of choice.

The winners are the following people:
1st Place: Pere-sonne
2nd Place: FBF_Luis
3rd Place: Manifold

Congratulations! Please dm for the character you want.

For this question, I will offer two solutions.

Solution 1: Let p be the probability that Suzy wins from the deuce position. Then consider two balls after the deuce. Either Suzy has won with probability 1/9, Doug has won with probability 4/9 or it is a deuce again with probability 4/9. Therefore, we can set up this equation: p=1/9+4/9p solving for p we get that Suzy wins with probability 1/5

Solution 2: We can reduce this to the sum of a geometric sequence. Namely the geometric sequence 1/9+4/9*1/9+4/9^2*1/9... The sum of this infinite geometric sequence is (1/9)/(1-4/9)=1/5.

If you have any questions let me know.


friday 15/11/2019

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What the history?

monday 11/11/2019

The prizes will be sent out within the next 2 hours

sunday 10/11/2019

wednesday 06/11/2019


In a twist, an bonus prize Oon Cr (Worth: 350K) will be awarded to the third person to get the answer right!

The third-place prize is greater than the first-place prize and the second-place prize.

Can you get third place? smiley

Greetings! Thank you for trying the math question.

The answer is the following:
Let f(x) be the function x^3+5x^2+12x+32. Define a new function F(1/x)=f(x). Then F(1/r)=f(r)=0, and the same follows with r, s and t. So, F(1/r) has roots 1/r, 1/s and 1/t.

To find F, we plug in 1/x as r, this yields F(1/1/x)=F(x)=f(1/x)=1/x^3+5/x^2+12/x+32.

We multiply by x^3 to get a third-degree polynomial.

I accepted any constant multiplied by this polynomial. For example: x^3+3/8x^2+5/32x+1/32 was accepted!

For those of you who got it right, I've sent you your prize. for thoses that got it wrong, I sent 1 CHOKO anyway!!!

monday 04/11/2019

Is there anything left?

Tortuga, or anything :*

monday 28/10/2019

You can PM me anytime, I am more than happy to help you co-organize an event smiley

Congrats infi

friday 25/10/2019

sunday 13/10/2019

Still waiting for Klouni and Darkdays VP.
The others should be good now smiley

thursday 10/10/2019

I don't even know what to do with so many Clintz smiley

Insane event, looking up for it!smiley

wednesday 02/10/2019

Damn..... Hope this wasn't a scam for all the people who enter.

saturday 28/09/2019

monday 16/09/2019

We're full now !

Event will start at 24th October and ends on 31th October smiley

wednesday 11/09/2019

There will be New Blood reloaded

Hello together. This is an event to get the New Bloods which are released on friday 13.9.19. Events opens registration on friday, 13.9.19 at 20 GMT+2. Just the first 12 players will be accepted. Event ends on sunday, 15.9.19 at 20 GMT+2.
Any questions? write me via PM smiley

friday 06/09/2019

So we now have 6 spots open now due to someone backing out, and I now have nearly 2 million clintz for to round out the prizepool guys. You don't wanna miss this.

thursday 15/08/2019

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