tuesday 21/07/2009

Close please I have enough data and please expect my event soon and expect big prizes

sunday 19/07/2009

Cool can i be in

saturday 18/07/2009

Thanks a lot. The next one is going to take some work so that's why I'm taking a bit of a break.

friday 17/07/2009

This event will start in about 4 hours. Giving away cards is like pulling teeth sometimes smiley

Sorry, event has started.

thursday 16/07/2009

C'mon guys!!!300 clintz entrance fee and a chance to get gr8 cards and crs!!!

tuesday 14/07/2009


Mode ELO

12 Life Points
12 Pillz

24 Stars Deck

You can not change your deck during a game

All players must go up against 1 player(s) from his/her group in 5 winning round each.

Your Deck cannot contain more than 8 cards


ONE SHOT KILLER ARE FORBIDDEN (Kolos, Dacote&hellipsmiley


Your Deck cannot contain any developing characters.

Your Deck cannot contain any double characters.


The characters currently banned from the ELO mode by the staff ARE FORBIDDEN

Your Deck cannot contain the following Characters :

Rowdy Gibson
Toro Ludmilla
Kerry Suzie
Yayoi Cassio Cr
Smokey Scubb
Sylth Scopica
Buck Lucia
Trish Gertrud
Olga Noel Grudj
Ryuchi Linda
Lehane Dayton
Sasha Chiara
Murray Uranus

Zatman Nellie Oxen
Kenny Phyllis Azgroth
Edd Spiaghi Mona
Blaaster Shogunn Vermyn N

sunday 12/07/2009

Scoring rules have been changed....

Win is worth 2 points.
Win by Timeout is worth 2 points.
Win by K.O. Is worth 4 points!!!!
Draw is only worth one point
You do not lose points when you lose a battle but timing out will result in a loss of points!!!

deleted for player who speak english or italian...

saturday 11/07/2009

And the staff liked mine too smileysmileysmiley

I made this: http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=209&u=14031513

Noooo! I missed this.. imagine what I could've wrote.. smiley

1 hit ko with kolos

thursday 09/07/2009

Thanks a lot. It was fun t do. I'm working on a Nightmare one as we speak.

you support liverpool
so do I
they're gonna win the league next year!

Join my event

entrance fee:
300 clints

prizes to be won:

1) 70% jackpot
2) 20% jackpot
3) 10% jackpot
4) Jackie
5) Dorian
6) Bloodh
7) Manfred
smiley Hawk
9) Toro
10) Gibson

scoring rules:
If win (normal) then add point(s), 3 pts to player.
If timed out win then add point(s), 2 pts to player.
If draw then add point(s), 2 pts to player.
If extra: the opponent is KO’d then add point(s), 3 pts to player.
If the player timed out then remove point(s), 10 pts to player.
If the player withdrew then remove point(s), 6 pts to player

We have nubamura in the tourney XD

wednesday 08/07/2009


everyone has a week to make their decks
max budget is 5000 clintz
no leaders allowed
No cr's XD
you have to message your deck to Lost_one or mayday UM so that at the time of making we can check if they preset is valid..

everyone has to know how to take screenshot


Boom Boom POW
Please join this is my first event.
Read the rules.
Hope you join

tuesday 07/07/2009

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