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friday 15/03/2019

Old topic, but I will close it seeing how it is inactive.

The player still has the cards in question, but has not responded over some time.

For future reference, for players who have an giveaway thread that is finished or past the stipulated deadline, please lock the event thread.

I will consider unlocking the thread if Chaosishere sends me a PM asking me to re-open the thread as they are not active.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr friday 15/03/2019, 06:56

thursday 14/03/2019

The greedy comment...
But I always say the same: you should keep the cards in case you come back some day

wednesday 13/03/2019

Congrats! Two of the people I voted for placed.

friday 08/03/2019


International themed event. be quick with applying tho! only 9 spots left!smiley

sunday 03/03/2019

Do you remember?

Are you still in the game? smiley


sunday 24/02/2019

tuesday 19/02/2019

F*ck me hard daddy... the End

sunday 10/02/2019

sunday 03/02/2019

Hey ! prize are edited !
pls do not join the event , before it you have to go part polsky and wrote your team pls smiley

wednesday 30/01/2019

thursday 24/01/2019

wednesday 23/01/2019

It refers to the final of the event, a prisoners dilemma. The finalists choose if they deal or steal. If everyone deals the prices will be distributed equally, however if one steals he gets the whole jackpot. So it refers to that.

friday 18/01/2019

Hi, After talking to the mods we will have to close this event. Sorry but lotteries where the creator keeps the entrance fee is not allowed.

Were also not able to track how many get sold so its open to abuse by other people, we don't think your trying to scam.

friday 11/01/2019

Prizes have been sent
good lucksmiley

tuesday 08/01/2019

I was kidding about the bugged droprate, buddy smiley Dudes before me opened 30+, 20+ packs and got no B5. So I did not really expect a B5. However, I can't complain as I got about 15 mil in CR doubles, which provides me a B5 anyway.

Ima keep it real, I'm super disappointed by all of this low tier meme garbage. I'm giving it to the guru guy because he at least gave it a couple shots, also the rest of you already have collections. Enjoy man

sunday 06/01/2019

saturday 05/01/2019

monday 31/12/2018

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