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tuesday 11/12/2018

sunday 09/12/2018

I like how in Injustice they had bosses and clans would fight the bosses together. The bosses have a big o life meter and everyone fights the boss over and over until they defeat it or time runs out. That would be cool here, put thr Guilds on competition and at the end announce the winning Guild on the forums

saturday 08/12/2018

thursday 06/12/2018

Come on guys, only 1 spot remaining smiley

saturday 01/12/2018

Nice, thank you.

friday 23/11/2018

I know it took quite a while, but here's that Captain Rescue and Miss Jigi I commissioned for the event: https://www.deviantart.com/curtsibling/art/Captain-And-Miss-Jigi-773764612

thursday 22/11/2018

Probably due to the fact the name your entering is slightly wrong its AKP-Dragonfly


tuesday 20/11/2018

saturday 17/11/2018

friday 16/11/2018

Expired giveaway thread guys, post what card you want tomorrow

thursday 08/11/2018

SoldierFight9295: PM Me when you hit LV20. It won't let me PS it.
Everyone else for your participation smiley Timmy s have been sent smiley

monday 05/11/2018

Thank you everyone for Participating! Everyone should get their card sent by now.
Happy gaming everybody!!Fvf4dif8rtjudsopd;sckk3209qdskcmvn4b3y28q90-sfdvjhb20eid-[d8eufhgbh3enwomkaspcvploeiouv390eqhfbgvue knl;wp09q328fhew8a0fwjv0so

thursday 01/11/2018

wednesday 31/10/2018

Hi All,

Looking to make a decent mono freaks deck (crazy, I know)!
Is anyone willing to sell/trade their Splata Cr? If so, name your price below and let’s do this!

sunday 28/10/2018


I'm looking for the three new cards of the week for the Flash Missions. I need Gruber, #McClain and Calamity.

Can i borrow them to anyone please?smiley

saturday 27/10/2018

(ES) La lotería ha sido realizada y los premios han sido entregados.
Vídeo: https://youtu.be/QEC3Y7jvE_Q

(EN) The lottery was done and the prizes were send.
Video: https://youtu.be/QEC3Y7jvE_Q

(FR) La tirage c'est fait et les prizes sont dejà envoyées.
Video: https://youtu.be/QEC3Y7jvE_Q

wednesday 24/10/2018

monday 22/10/2018

Prizes distributed, thread closed. smiley

Towards the Chaos memes thread!

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