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sunday 06/01/2019

saturday 05/01/2019

monday 31/12/2018

thursday 27/12/2018

Congrats all! smileysmiley

wednesday 26/12/2018

tuesday 25/12/2018

Five more prizes have been added in the form of Noodile Cr, thanks to Teh Doc! smiley
Join up if you haven't yet smileysmiley

sunday 23/12/2018

Only days left until the lottery! The prizes are great, so if there is anyone who hasn't join, don't lose the chance!!!!

thursday 20/12/2018

Ok Thank you Turgoyaksmiley

sunday 16/12/2018

saturday 15/12/2018

Aw feck. Gonna have to remake the thread with the correct name.
Thanks for correcting me @PetiteHarley.

tuesday 11/12/2018

sunday 09/12/2018

I like how in Injustice they had bosses and clans would fight the bosses together. The bosses have a big o life meter and everyone fights the boss over and over until they defeat it or time runs out. That would be cool here, put thr Guilds on competition and at the end announce the winning Guild on the forums

saturday 08/12/2018

thursday 06/12/2018

Come on guys, only 1 spot remaining smiley

saturday 01/12/2018

Nice, thank you.

friday 23/11/2018

I know it took quite a while, but here's that Captain Rescue and Miss Jigi I commissioned for the event: https://www.deviantart.com/curtsibling/art/Captain-And-Miss-Jigi-773764612

thursday 22/11/2018

Probably due to the fact the name your entering is slightly wrong its AKP-Dragonfly


tuesday 20/11/2018

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