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saturday 17/11/2018

friday 16/11/2018

Expired giveaway thread guys, post what card you want tomorrow

thursday 08/11/2018

SoldierFight9295: PM Me when you hit LV20. It won't let me PS it.
Everyone else for your participation smiley Timmy s have been sent smiley

monday 05/11/2018

Thank you everyone for Participating! Everyone should get their card sent by now.
Happy gaming everybody!!Fvf4dif8rtjudsopd;sckk3209qdskcmvn4b3y28q90-sfdvjhb20eid-[d8eufhgbh3enwomkaspcvploeiouv390eqhfbgvue knl;wp09q328fhew8a0fwjv0so

thursday 01/11/2018

wednesday 31/10/2018

Hi All,

Looking to make a decent mono freaks deck (crazy, I know)!
Is anyone willing to sell/trade their Splata Cr? If so, name your price below and let’s do this!

sunday 28/10/2018


I'm looking for the three new cards of the week for the Flash Missions. I need Gruber, #McClain and Calamity.

Can i borrow them to anyone please?smiley

saturday 27/10/2018

(ES) La lotería ha sido realizada y los premios han sido entregados.
Vídeo: https://youtu.be/QEC3Y7jvE_Q

(EN) The lottery was done and the prizes were send.
Video: https://youtu.be/QEC3Y7jvE_Q

(FR) La tirage c'est fait et les prizes sont dejà envoyées.
Video: https://youtu.be/QEC3Y7jvE_Q

wednesday 24/10/2018

monday 22/10/2018

Prizes distributed, thread closed. smiley

Towards the Chaos memes thread!

friday 19/10/2018

friday 12/10/2018

Lottery done: https://youtu.be/CTX32uZmjbw

sunday 07/10/2018

saturday 06/10/2018

It ends on the 10th of this month I believe, 4 more days to go

sunday 30/09/2018

friday 28/09/2018

The draw of lottery it's done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZPuG6N50yI

The winners are:
17 34 9 41 161

110 138 71 117 83

60 49 95 36 16

73 99 62 31 152

3 141 79 74 35

50 75 33 42 96

112 140 43 100 61

45 118 98 113 144

Check if you won here: (SOR) ¡Especial 100 suscriptores!

¡More than 10M in prizes!
All prizes are send.

wednesday 26/09/2018

Obligatory event advertisement post! smiley

Five winners will each recieve a card of their choice up to the value of 500k, winners will be chosen via random number generator which will be done on a live stream (but winners will also be notified by PM.


Be sure to read the rules as that's where you'll find how to enter. smiley

edited by AbigailWyatt wednesday 26/09/2018, 17:55

sunday 23/09/2018

Alright Show's over. come by over next week to get if you want a free card! tell the newbies about this deal, they will greatly appreciate it.
To all those that got one, remember check your private sales in the market for your card.

monday 17/09/2018

tuesday 11/09/2018

So what would happen to YOU if OVERLORD happens to YOU in Clintz city? smiley what would you do? Be a b*ch to y'all or be a hero?

I was planning on using the description as a topic of discussion. I didn't know where to do it , so here I am creating an event with prizes and an opportunity to people to discuss the mentioned matter before . If there's a significant amount of people that want to participate in the event , I'll create it and maybe throw some Scarlett Mt since I had a lot of them before they went Mt and that high.
Forgive my spelling mistakes if there's , because I'm a Chinese dude chilling on Venus with a bad tsundere ever since I entered clintz city . smiley
Yes I'm high

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