monday 20/11/2017

Hey thank you for this event ! I wish i can win smthing smiley

sunday 12/11/2017


I don't know if you missed Deathmatch, but I did. In this event you will be able to recapitulate the brutality of Deathmatch. If you are a new player, don't worry, I explain how it works in the full event description.
Type 2, Type 1 and maybe even Type Standard!

Prizes in each Deathmatch:

1st) 10k card/clintz
2nd) 6k card/clintz
3rd) 4k card/clintz

5xDM won: 15k card/clintz
10xDM won: 20k card/clintz
15xDM won: 25k card/clintz

Read the rules!


saturday 11/11/2017

This giveaway is now closed! Look forward for more smiley

friday 10/11/2017

Okay, the winning numbers are: -

113 - Slaughterous (Chel)
137 - ) Yellow TiNT (Willy)
102 - _Mad (Lara Hate)
48 - -Baiken- (Xingshu)
53 - Alohaboomerang (El Divino)

Congrats to the winners!!! and thank you all for participating


Just necro this event. This Sunday I'll be giving a good card. Spread the word, enter the event and stuff like that. Also, don't do drugs. Whatever.

tuesday 07/11/2017

saturday 04/11/2017

wednesday 01/11/2017


Results are TRICK

Those who won need to PM me.

Results on rare cards tomorrow!

tuesday 31/10/2017

Does this means I can claim a prize and post my new numbers?

monday 30/10/2017


Similar to the game show big prizes both social and battle skills are needed to win

saturday 28/10/2017


I don't think this was organised well.
I will be closing this event and will release another event which will be so much more improved.

I apologize for the inconvenience guys.

I am going to look into making something better, I will note some changes and will do so changing them to improve the event.

I am looking for some info:

Cards are better then Clintz?
Clintz are better then cards?
Is inflation causing a lack of interest?
Do larger rewards seek interest?


Hold on tight as I am contacting an admin to see whether I can plan some bigger events in the forum smiley

Cheers for your support guys smiley

friday 27/10/2017

This might not be allowed but maybe you could just organise a game on Town of Salem? Though adding/inviting loads of people can get really frustrating on that game. smiley

Does double posting mean one after the other? Or one an done??

thursday 26/10/2017


Do join, only Great players allowed.

wednesday 25/10/2017


Congrats on 20,000 Clintz!

Please tell me which card you will like? / Send a card for 20,000 Clintz.


sunday 22/10/2017


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