monday 11/07/2011

Event c, tourney a

To celebrate few things in my life..
this one is for level 25 and above

well guys, do you like CR??
this is your chance to get it For FREE
this is a free lottery for everyone from 25 and above
for low level player? tough luck, you can join this one:

come and join smiley

[LOTTERY] I will type CR

As with all my events, it is filling very quickly. There are only three spots still available. Join now to secure yours!


sunday 10/07/2011

Join deleted and join us guild:1404909

saturday 09/07/2011

First to get to 333th comment get a prize and please talk to each player on the English comment.

thursday 07/07/2011

wednesday 06/07/2011

This event can now accept two more players if anyone would like the chance just join smiley

Congratulations to "Nebrito Rodriguez" on winning Wanda. Waiting for a message with their in-game name to send prize.

Only 4 slots left for a shot of part of over 200K in prizes. All for a measly entrance fee of 2K. All but 10 people will walk away with some prize.

tuesday 05/07/2011

This is a lotto to celebrate my 1yr playing and bday deleted

monday 04/07/2011

friday 01/07/2011

Pandora Box has been opened!
This summer the tranquility of Clint City will be set on fire!

Pandora Event 2011
Inscription are open!
Inscription ends on 3 july 2011 21.00 pm

Crazy fights, Big Prices!
Don't miss it!

thursday 30/06/2011

Please rate red for me pleasesmiley

Lottery is over, thanks to all who took part smiley

Join up and rate my event bloody red smiley

if this event reached a -1000+ then i'll add a stanly


Please join this awesome and fair event by me! If you like the idea and think that I'm generous - rate green!

wednesday 29/06/2011

The more greens and people we get the more prizes i will add smiley

tuesday 28/06/2011

Good prizes man should be a great lotto

Free for all no Donations needed
The more who join the higher the prize, So join and tell your friends

Check it out

A Tricky BB Event

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