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friday 28/09/2018

The draw of lottery it's done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZPuG6N50yI

The winners are:
17 34 9 41 161

110 138 71 117 83

60 49 95 36 16

73 99 62 31 152

3 141 79 74 35

50 75 33 42 96

112 140 43 100 61

45 118 98 113 144

Check if you won here: (SOR) ¡Especial 100 suscriptores!

¡More than 10M in prizes!
All prizes are send.

wednesday 26/09/2018

Obligatory event advertisement post! smiley

Five winners will each recieve a card of their choice up to the value of 500k, winners will be chosen via random number generator which will be done on a live stream (but winners will also be notified by PM.


Be sure to read the rules as that's where you'll find how to enter. smiley

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sunday 23/09/2018

Alright Show's over. come by over next week to get if you want a free card! tell the newbies about this deal, they will greatly appreciate it.
To all those that got one, remember check your private sales in the market for your card.

monday 17/09/2018

tuesday 11/09/2018

So what would happen to YOU if OVERLORD happens to YOU in Clintz city? smiley what would you do? Be a b*ch to y'all or be a hero?

I was planning on using the description as a topic of discussion. I didn't know where to do it , so here I am creating an event with prizes and an opportunity to people to discuss the mentioned matter before . If there's a significant amount of people that want to participate in the event , I'll create it and maybe throw some Scarlett Mt since I had a lot of them before they went Mt and that high.
Forgive my spelling mistakes if there's , because I'm a Chinese dude chilling on Venus with a bad tsundere ever since I entered clintz city . smiley
Yes I'm high

sunday 09/09/2018

We'll wait another 10 minutes.

wednesday 05/09/2018

tuesday 28/08/2018

The watford goalkeeper?

friday 24/08/2018


Btw, prizes updated. Now there is a #general cr as final prize.
Thanks to ChaosDragonsmiley

friday 17/08/2018

saturday 04/08/2018

Rules don't actually say that sending screenies will give us points.

But it's over.

thursday 02/08/2018

Event is now full!

Thanks for all the llayers that joined!

May the best urbaner win smiley

wednesday 01/08/2018

3 spots left

tuesday 31/07/2018

Territorial Feuds

Jeux d'equipes de 4, pas besoin d'avoir des equipes deja faites.
inscriptions: http://www.urban-rivals.com/ro/events/?id_event=115714

Prix pour les top 15 équipes, tous les prix sont par joueur:
La 1ere équipe gagne 4 Guru Cr soit 1 pour chaque joueur.

Le format est quand meme spécial alors lisez bien.
Il reste 31 places

sunday 29/07/2018

Our prize pool has just received a nice boost!


tuesday 24/07/2018

A player is allowed to:
> Jump ship, so leave their clan to join another. Consent from the new clan and the jumping player must be sent to an Event Organiser
> Sabotage a clan by purposefully losing his games or sharing clan plans with enemies.

Inactive players will be removed with 2x weekly cycles of having no completed battles. By blocking an inactive the inactiveness can go up to 4 weeks without being noticed.

Alright guys! Prizes have been all distributed.

There were a few players under level 20, a couple of which were completely fresh accounts, and I couldn't hand out prizes to them.
I didn't know about this restriction beforehand and I couldn't figure out how to redistribute entry money.
Sorry for that but I made sure to give out all of my Crs/Mt so I know at least 90 people were very happy with their prizes.

Thank you so much to this community, I had a lot of fun playing here!

monday 23/07/2018

Two hours later and the results have been drawn… the winners are:
Dregn Mt - Fusion_HoA
Kit-E - Milly_tp
#Robb Cr - HERO Cr
Noctezuma Cr - OC Genji
Kolos Cr - Coon Art
Uchtul Cr - Miko WMD
#Charlie - mistycriver
Striker Cr - Manifold
Kerry Cr - Toshidzo
#Pericles - Rugg_ok
Rowdy Cr - DUC Jeremy
Yayoi Cr - Duc-Tiwi
Butcher Braxton - DarthDaivansh
Blast - -Zudomon-
Captain Rescue - Meechisdead-
Eddie Cr - 0 DarkHic
Chiara Cr (x2) - KingsshadowX & DL_LUIS
Rhed Cr - Quack Potato
Sledg Cr - tqq
Greem Cr - frost_92
Bankee Cr - sandanz
Morphun - -The Raven-
#Eyrton - UoS Bossfelo
Lizzy - DUC-allatrona
Darth - rural007
#Globumm - jviana
50 Petit Coq have also been sent to 50 random people. Check your private sales to see if you won one!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/H3OOlhGFOyw (starts at 11:05)
Part 2: https://youtu.be/0J4K9f7iHfU (rest of the Petit Coqs and the viewer lotto)

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who joined and donated. Thank you for all your kind messages. I appreciate it! If you haven’t done so already, please thumbs up this lotto! My last big event got 3510 pts… we can smash that easily. Also join my newsletter below to find out when the next event is!

Massive thanks once again! – Itzzwan Ld

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friday 13/07/2018

It is against the rules to set a lottery where the creator is allowed to keep some of the jackpot so if you spot this again please just message a mod and dont join.

I have passed it onto the admins so they can check if it was a genuine mistake and prizes were given out or if its aim was to get peoples clintz.

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