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saturday 21/11

But reading some of the bio. i have some prediction to what the next cr might be if it happens

This thread has to keep floating smiley

friday 20/11

Yeah it looks good to me this bm stuff going on is making the game more alive imo

Actually I have heard about it, but I do not fancy this. Except that, it's just cheating the system that is inefficient... I would rather have the system fixed.

I wasn't able to finish it because UR was completely broken smiley

thursday 19/11

All cards like this smiley

wednesday 18/11

I can kinda see where you're coming from...and to that end, she could also fit with Fang Pi....but when you read her bio, it really does suit the Pussycats more than Nightmare. She's a beauty who hides unmatched fighting prowess.

Welp, even though I sold my Nadias already, this wouldn't have changed anything. My guess is that either Nadia or C-Ortez will have a Black Mission like Pandemos did yesterday.

Yeah, I only have 16 decks and still have one deck as old as 2012 in there. smiley

tuesday 17/11

I never said he was after Kenny. but when Kenny died, the power had no host, so Griff sent Nero to protect it. but when Estalt began corrupting him, Nero began believing he was better than Griff. Now, Nero is indeed trying to take over the Nightmare clan. Mostly because he never trusted Ielena and Dragomire to begin with

monday 16/11

Kate's post:

offline Kate - Urban Rivals Staff
Yesterday at 11:27

PANDEMOS: https://www.urban-rivals.com/special/countdown/

Today is a good day it seems smiley

Well done thanks you mortensmiley

sunday 15/11

It is more about fun and curiosity while doing BM rather than playing for profit.. Its just fun to get happy with a big pull and sad on a bad one

saturday 14/11

Https://iclintz.com/missions/ lists all the missions and if you have completed them or not.

Actually, it is darian821's drawing, not mine. But I'll give them the note of what you said.

friday 13/11

Update to Vortex warriors

C-Ortez the former #Bezerk leader

The special attraction

Banzai the ex Jungo

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