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thursday 29/04

There are a lot of topics about changing current survivor format from different players (including myself).

I dont think staff would ever consider your idea mostly because Survivor is the only game mode where players can play whatever they want to play in a "ranked" format.

tuesday 27/04

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Cannibal Jo MT, that's what she looked like when she was just Jo. The Raptors either went crazy or got crazier, just what they needed to do to survive.

Use this: Cr/Mt History 3.0

The date you should look at:

19/03/2012 Jane Ramba Cr and Heegrn Cr

09/06/2015: Phonos Cr, Lin Bee Cr, Dagg Cr and Kinichaw Cr

01/02/2016: Diego Cr, Mona Cr, #Shann Cr and Shaakarti Cr

11/06/2018: Dregn Cr

25/06/2018: Dregn Cr --> Dregn Mt

05/11/2018: B Mappe Cr, Dorian Cr, Kerry Cr, Drorb Cr, Dragan Cr --> Dragan Mt


Behemoth Cr and Ymirah Cr => Ymirah Mt

monday 26/04

When I was trying to complete my collection I was selling every double I had, especially since the staff changed the rules and doubles are no longer allowed during gameplay. I say since they're technically useless and collecting metaphorical dust it's probably better to sell them in order to be able to afford the cards that you're currently missing. These days having the entire collection isn't really anything to brag about though, the new bragging rights stem from someone's overall collection worth/value (clintz wise). If you don't care about that then I say sell the doubles. I sell mine about once a month or when the cards are part of BM's so I can get top $ from them.

I'm bumping this because I got an idea while at work.

The Nursery Star can only be seen by non-humans and tonight, it shines extra bright, beckoning both the Jungo and Dominion clans to see where in leads. For the winning clan will receive a special BIG card.

Jungo Wins: "I would like you to welcome the newest member of your clan." A beautiful fairy as she laid a worn rabbit plushie down. "Be kind and teach him your ways." With a kiss, the rabbit grew and transformed into a Jungo. The clan welcomed Velvet with open arms, even Sobek, who knew it was not wise to mess with the Fae.

Dominion Wins: "A toy rabbit?" #Death Addler said. "I beat up Jungo for this. Put it in the cauldron and see if we can make it real."

Velvet (his name in both versions) will be the winning clan's BIG card. Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.

Rex Sweig is the best, and i will die on this hill! smiley

For me ED-O is the undisputed #1, then Serafina, No Love, and Enigma fight for 2-4 for different reasons. I value versatility a lot and that's why I don't really put Ymirah Mt in there due to her reliance on revenge so she can't be led with. I don't see many people mention Serafina perhaps since she doesn't have a presence in Survivor, but I think that's more at the clan's fault since Rescue isn't great. On an individual basis, a card that can prevent a KO barring cancel life modif and SOA is pretty insane with 8 damage if you let her through. Also No Love's all stop capability will put him at a disadvantage against 9 power cards, but there are quite a few top cards who have their damage/power neutered by his all stop. Enigma is strong but suffers a bit from his conditional bonus and often times even if it gets through, 9 damage isn't really necessary. So I'd probably put him 4th, but wouldn't be upset if people had him in the top 3

sunday 25/04

Any deck mostly used are survivor type smiley

saturday 24/04

Hi, If it's due to a message they sent theres a report this player button at the bottom of the message. Forum posts have a report this button at the top, which looks like a circle with a line through it.

For any other problems you can message a mod or support https://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php

thursday 22/04

The list has been updated since, to reflect those facts

Salamat po and thank you

wednesday 21/04

Thank you Edwin!

Hopefully they will contact me soon

You can actually type in 18 000 000 when selling your cards, this helps me a lot.
Other trick I use is to refrain from using zeros and sell like this 18 123 123

monday 19/04

He faced the player in training mode. It is possible in training to run doubles.

sunday 18/04

Just buy a Jurassic Park figurine and repaint it

friday 16/04

***Physical Alteration Abilities (Orange)***
Wan - The clear crystal vision

Update to ~Movement Leader ~

Kashink the new generation Pussycats leader

Update to "The special pirates"

Barcelo the robo fish

Update to "Guest from Ryhm"

Khrull the ex leader from Ryhm

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