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friday 13/11

-The Roman section - Divus - tirbute to Claudius aka Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. With the constant arrive of new potential members either being in a constant flow or not happening at all. I sometime lower my standards a lot. That's the case with Divus. Divus doesn't bring anything that makes him standard out compared to the other member. In all honestly he might even be too nut for us the Paradox... which says a lot.

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The bottom line is the important one, Top line is ''just'' the Title
In this case, it's 15 Sah Brinak

wednesday 11/11

Imma close the topic here
For the people like saint_7even who think the wheel might be manipulated, this is NOT the case.
I'm happy to explain how probability works if you PM me smiley

Oh I forgot about the comic. For Enigma I never meant like a real death god, but acting in the place of one. The clan as a whole is basically method acting, but since most of them are insane they truly believe they are the physical embodiment of the figures they represent.

For Judge Lynch I thought he only had the power over those in or come to the town of Purgatory not all of death itself, so to me he is more of a regular reaper not a full blown death god.

From the comic I can draw that the polit is paying for paradox however Enigma seems to not care since they provide him funding and believes them to be small fries compared to the eye.

tuesday 10/11

Try with “my collection PRO”

monday 09/11

Thanks for watching my vid, Tsaar!

On a related note, maybe we can calculate some drop rates now. I spent 160k cryptoz and saw a single big 5 out of all those pack openings. That's approximately 35 x4 pack openings (I only played on 4 player tables) for a total of 140. So 1 big 5 out of 140 pulls during a triple drop rate...

sunday 08/11

Thanks for this thread smiley

With this new casino mode i expect more Crypto BM missions instead of clintz. Pretty please.

saturday 07/11

Iclintz is the only correct answer here

Collection pro is trash

friday 06/11

Since they released Dj Korr new art a lot of people thought it should not be last level but 4* and I remember new art was level 5 for long time...
Ive just noticed they finally swapped arts, when did they swap them back to "normal", anybody knows?

wednesday 04/11

I was bored yesterday and tried to remember a 5* with each power/damage combination. Then today i decided to go further and used iClintz search to check for every combination of stars and stats. You can see the results below - page one has clean numbers, page 2 has examples that first pop into my head right before i click the search button, or right after it if i came up with nothing. I excluded LDs and leaders from the "clean numbers" page since they can be changed. One LD card has unique stats that no tradeable card has.

So what do you do with this information?
Well, you now know what are the most common stats in the game and what are the rarest and most unique combinations.
Also you can check your own knowledge by downloading the spreadsheet and filling it out akin to a sporcle quiz.
You can also try to come up with custom cards to fill the gaps and post results here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2639588

I am looking forward to seeing new combinations get released - just like a miniature version of Jon Bois' NFL Scorigami.

Google Docs link, hopefully it doesn't get deleted by an automod or something.

tuesday 03/11

Now besides spinning the wheel and only selling double rares/CR's, I now sell every common I have more than 10 of, every uncommon I have more than 5 of (or doubles if 250k+) ... and now I just don't do anything for CR's waiting a bit for the so called Blue Wave.

basically, it's just about more luck, since I created the post I got Enigma from the wheel which I won't sell since it's not a double smiley


Like I said before, the mission points you collected over the years will stay, but the amount of points you’re getting with the new ones will be increased. This to motivate players that they can get a close or higher score then people who are already high on the mission points ranking.

I agree that mission points are also quite useless, even know it impacts quite a big part of the game. This will be fixed by creating separate missions about accumulating these points, or even better, a weekly or monthly ranking with prizes like there is for game modes.

monday 02/11

5 tickets in 60 draws

Great ideas smiley

Unfortunately the actions of a few spoil it for many. The trend in free fight to stall/timeout against spin (rescue) decks has made many people bitter.

saturday 31/10

A mystery yet to be answered soon smiley

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